September 17, 2011

I am, that I am

I have seen some older people cry. I wondered why?
I then somehow came to know that, they get astonished by the creation of the world. They feel so amused by nature and world that, the moment they think about god who created these, they can do nothing but cry.
I used to think that there was nothing to be admired and that everything was just normal.
But recently there is a difference in myself.
I get amused whenever I become aware of what I am doing.
Try imagining it yourself.
You sit in front of the computer reading this.
Imagine you seeing yourself from the ceiling of your room. Now keep going upwards, just like Google Earth. Keep going from your room ceiling till you reach the sky, the universe. Imagine the vastness of everything and just think how tiny you are and how unimportant you are when compared to the entire _ _ _ _ _ _ (most common answer is creation, but I guess it may not be called so).

Yet, each and everyone feel that we are the most important being in OUR world. And we battle amongst ourself to be noticed.
Not only us. Let it be humans or animals or birds or mammals or anything that has a life.

Just because we have the ability to think, we call ourself the dominant species of the planet let alone the universe.
But it may not be so. We wish to remain as the most dominant species in the planet, hence, we don't allow any other, possible threats, to survive.
But guess again, are we in the phase where we expected us to be? We plan, we execute. But is the result what we expect?
I guess not.

Now, I ask, WHY is all these happening? I mean, all the planning, survival of the fittest etc...all those stuff.
You see something and ask why it is acting like that or maybe present in that particular place.
But I have not seen anyone who ask, WHY is that "something" in EXISTENCE?
You research on what can be done to make us live better.
I ask why do we exist in the first place?
You experiment on what is going on with the other planets, stars and find ways to reach it.
I ask why does the galaxy exist and why is it so far and unreachable?

A new super nova explosion resulting in the slow formation of a planet, that may somehow explain the origin of the universe. Seriously?
You haven't even made earth a more likely place to live in without destroying it, and yet you crave to know how it works.

We do mass prayers, create mass awareness and mass movements so that people get aware of what is going on and try to help.
As I have said earlier, nothing can be done unless the attitude of each and every individual have changed through their "self-realization" which means they have become aware.

Philosopher Catholic Saint Augustine of Hippo from the 5th century AD, said in his days,
"I understand, that I understand".
Yet, we have not understood it properly till now.
Being aware is the most highest possible portal to peace according to Zen, Tao and other religions and it takes quite some effort to understand how to do it.
Having realized it, now I say I am aware that I am aware.
So it definitely means there is something beyond the awareness preached by these religions. What is it and why is it?
Here's is a scientific proof -
It is said that we use only 5% of our brains. It's a false fact.
Now it is proved that we are aware of only 5% of whatever is going in our brain.
Source - BBC Knowledge.

So there must be something beyond our level of awareness.
So what the hell is going on with us and why?
Science teaches you what to do.
Philosophy teaches you how to do it, practically.
Religion teaches you how to do it, ritually.
But I haven't seen anything that answers the question "Why?"

Until then, all we, well, I can say to console for the unknown fact is the evergreen quote.
"I am, that I am".
Meaning, I exist because I do. It's quote that Jesus always answers when asked who he was.


  1. cool !!
    Liked the relation to Google earth to God :)
    God must be very pleased :P :p

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  3. Your article is thought provoking. I often wonder what happens inside a black hole...

  4. @smita..

    i hope he is.. :P
    thanks.. :)


    i hope it provokes you to find it urself.. :P


    anyways, thanks.. :)

    P.S.. sorry for late comment


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