July 19, 2011

Monsoon Madness @ Lounge


Its Contest time Folks. We bring to you Monsoon Madness @ Lounge. And it starts as soon as the clock strikes midnight. A one month long roller coaster of emotions and imaginations will clash when you people bring the characters alive with the power of words.

MonMad starts from 15th July to 15th Aug

Also, this contest is open for all our beloved followers and others following us via Networked Blogs and anyone who wishes to join (for details, keep reading)

Rules ---->
1] As we said, we give you the characters, you give us a story. So we are giving you 10 characters (5 males, 5 females), along with their names. You can only CHOOSE A MAXIMUM OF 7 among them. i.e., out of the 10 characters available to you, you can choose 7 or less in your post, depending on your mood. NOTE - must not exceed 7 characters

2] Poetry is NOT allowed. Anything other than poetry (and its types) are allowed.

3] Word Limit is of 800. You can obviously finish before that, but make sure it does not cross 800 or your post will not be considered.

4] You can post as many stories as you want. BUT remember that only ONE can be submitted. i.e You write 1-99 posts, but you have to mail us the name and link of only one post that is to be reviewed. If anyone submits just one post, it will automatically be considered for review. You DO NOT have to mail us then.
My advice - write as many as you can. Before the contest ends, send us an email with your best work.

5] Any theme permitted. Horror, fantasy, romance, crime, thriller. People, its your mind, its your imagination. Use it.

6] Label every entry with your name, "MonsoonMadness-Lounge" and "WL-Contest". No other labels are to be added

7] Any post not related to the contest is barred from being posted till the contest ends. That means, TWL will be closed to every other post once the clock strikes midnight.

8] Badges will be given for the first three positions. There will be a separate ranking for "the followers and NetworkedBlog friends". A reader's choice rank is also to be won.

9] One of you will win a surprise prize from the Admin. And it involves Home Delivery. So make me proud!!

10] A picture is a must. Remember only ONE pic.

11] Read the rules again if you still do not get it!! Duh!!!

Male - Richard, Tarun, Armaan, Muthu Kumar, Samuel
Female - Anubhuti, Auraya, Emily, Nausheen, Neha


The rules 1-11 apply to you as well. Rule number 9 also applies to you. But there is no separate winner. Only one, either from the authors of TWL or the non-authors of TWL will win it.
Also follow the following rules (NOT FOR TWL AUTHORS)
> All your entries are to be mailed to writers.in.lounge@gmail.com and you have to specifically mention which entry you want to be reviewed if you are sending more than one post.
> If you are in Facebook, search for 'The Writers Lounge', like it. Also write your post in your notes in Facebook and tag it with 'The Writers lounge'

FINAL ENTRIES should be mailed to writers.in.lounge@gmail.com on or before 10th Aug.

That's it folks. Let the imaginations soar. And lets make it huge.

P.S| Use the comments section for views and your thoughts and querries
P.P.S| If you have a querry, read the post again. If you still have it, ask the question.

- The Adorable Admins


  1. wow contest contest contest !!! my mind is already working on a thousand possibilities! This is going to be funn!! Good theme admins !

  2. :( no time to get into writing for me now :( :(
    But hope I will get loads to read :D :D and vote too :D
    good luck fellas !!

  3. Hmmm...is it open to international writers?

  4. @maria

    it is open to everyone as long as the post is in English

  5. @freelancer bhai hindi nahi chalega kya...esa mat kar yar...pahle hi hindi k contest nahi ate lounge par

  6. Okay...I'm new....so, do we have to post it on our blog and submit the link....or do we have to post it on TWL?

    ummm.....do I sound very silly?

  7. u have to post it here in twl...
    u dont sound silly :D :)

  8. @chirag yeh wala contest is beyound writers lounge. its international. so we have to stick to the basic language the world understands

  9. @the girl...
    write your post, tag it and then post it here,,, you can write as many as u want with different themes. but make sure u email us only one as we will consider only one.

  10. A great initiative, My post shall come this week :D :D

  11. Thanks Solitary writer, Freelancer.
    My first post on TWL will be about monsoons :)

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. @Freelancer: Great initiative bro! Keep it up. Thanks to you, TWL still is going strong as always. May this contest be a big big hit!!

    On the hindi entry front, let's not stop users from posting their entries in hindi yaar. I think the biggest appreciation that Chirag can get are the comments that he will receive from us on his post on this subject. I don't think he will be concerned on his entry being put up for judging by judges who don't understand the language, which I hope is the concern you have with hindi entries. We would love to read his take on the subject in hindi, or for that matter in any language. Let me know your views bro.

    @Chirag: Would love to read your take on the subject in hindi bro. Waiting for the same :-)

  14. @Sandeep
    true mate. I was worried about that front. Chirag is the only writer in Hindi. No one can perfect the craft as better as him. We would love to see it here. My apologies for the lack of brains

  15. so i guess hindi entries are also allowed then?


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