July 21, 2011

Magical Drops

Moist breeze glides  through the dimness of a mid-July monsoon day. Couples walk, holding hands, talking about the beauty of the weather, and of their togetherness. But Tarun and Auraya don't seem to have noticed any of it.

"Do you have any idea about how I felt while I waited for you, sitting alone like an idiot for hours, ordering beverage after beverage? "

" I thought  I would make it Auraya...I tried hard but a new assignment came in and I had to cancel..."

" Cancel? After I had already waited for two hours? "

" I tried not to cancel it...till the moment it became inevitable. I tried real hard...trust me "

" Well...you think I should?...'cause where there is a will, there is a way...Haven't you heard?"

"Oh God Auraya...It's impossible to make you understand. I can't take it anymore. Now, stop overreacting!",Tarun screams.

The argument gets too ugly for Auraya to handle and she turns away. Tarun holds her by her shoulders and turns her around so that she faces him. A tear rolls down Auraya's cheek and falls upon the Earth.  A drop from the sky falls and rests over Tarun's cheek. Another tear from her eyes touches the soil, and another drop from the sky wets his lashes.

" Please baby, don't cry....I am sorry. I really am....I can't believe I screamed at you...."

The rain has drowned her tears, melted his heart and drenched the two in love.

" I love you Auraya. I won't do it ever again, I promise."

 Auraya hugs him tight.

" I love you Tarun."

And as they hug and kiss each other, Nausheen watches. The rain wets every leaf on every tree and fills every grain of soil with water. But Nausheen burns and twists in pain. "Why is it", she thinks, " that for some, even a lifetime is too short to get the love they desire?  Why is it that it hurts so much to watch the one you love kiss someone else....Why is it that you have no courage to keep looking, but you have no power to turn away... Why is it that I have never been loved?"
She feels the pain of stings by a thousand scorpions. She feels severely wounded.

But suddenly, she feels the fire of jealousy and pain being put out. She notices herself getting wet by drops that ease the pain wherever they touch. She is being healed by magical drops that make her feel loved. All wounds evaporate. All jealousy fades away. She is liberated.

Armaan is on his knees, crying his heart out... his tears blending into the rain drops, falling onto the soil, seeping into the Earth and wetting Nausheen's grave with his untold love.

Word Count: 456


  1. good story specially in the end...it takes a fly in the sky.

  2. Brilliant, surprise in the end. You write so beautifully. Following your blog to read your work!

  3. @Solitary Writer, I am glad you liked it :)

    @Chirag, thanks!

    @Smita,hmmm...I love twists

    @Saru, Thank you so much :)



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