June 27, 2011

What's on your mind ?

Entering Username : *******@gmail.com    
Verifying password : *******
And I logged
into my Facebook account

1 poke,15 notifications,
10 new friend requests
and some 300+ recent updates.

Click click click
comment crap crap crap
And to exacerbate the tiredness
Popped up some serious crap.
My ex had made an update.
with his status going from
being "single" to " in a relationship".

I felt betrayed,
cheated again .
Thought of writing,
"You ruined me,
wish now you too get
some taste of this pain!

Eventually,all that I updated
read,"Bless you"
But I couldn't post it
as the screen had gone blue !

It froze there for a moment
something moved
and I saw the
what's on your mind space
getting a tooth !

"You, yes you.
Why don't you just share ,
what you have on your mind?
Rather than every-time,
erasing the thing
that you had just typed"

Startled to see
the inanimate thing speaking
I just sat there
letting it do
what I was actually thinking !

"You were a bastard
a pain in an ass.
you never loved me,
but i always loved you,
you jackass ! "

"Now you are hooked up
with some bitch.
Hope you soon realize
that my love for you
wasn't a hitch !"

The updates were made
and the loser was online.
He read and disappeared forever,
in less than no time !

I was happy
probably on cloud nine
because finally I had spoken
what was on my mind !

 [ I am not good with words to form something called a poem, but I can always try ;) Hope Shocketry's inventor and the admins here don't block me after reading this ;) :D Sorry Guys. Please do forgive me ]




  1. Hey Smita....that was actually good. It doesn't matter if you make sense or are not following the so called rules of poetry. We want to see 'you' in your writings and as long as we see that, you are doing a fabulous job

    Thats exactly what I want shocketry to be...pure, from the heart and SHOCKING! I am glad you took up the idea; hope others follow the cue! :D

    much love and respect
    Scribblers Inc.

    P.S.- Hey sandeep, why dont we have the next shocketry from you? :)

  3. He he he.....cool. Shock laga laga laga shock laga ;-)

  4. I like this one :) Sometimes we shut up for far too long and let it eat us from the inside out.. Great job :)

  5. @Sandeep Balan : Thank you so much for the encouragement :D

    @Scribblers Inc : *_* Thanks, Glad YOU liked it :D :D

    @The Solitary Writer : Thanks :D

  6. WOW...Just too good..keep sharing your "REAL" thoughts :)

  7. @adrielleroyale : yes, you are correct. That's why my status block got into action ;) :p
    thanks for the comment

    @suvidha : thanks :) Appreciate your comment here:)

    @shruti : thanks for commenting :)

  8. amazing!!! amazing!!! this is amazing! SHOCKETRY or whatever the heck that is, i dont care. this is poetry!

    i dont do this much. but i bow to you.

    and no, u wont be blocked. i should know :) i am the admin :)

  9. @Droopy Rose : Thanks. Glad you liked the REAL me ;)
    Thanks for the comment :)

    @ Freelancer : Thanks so much for the appreciation. A piece of appreciation from the admin means a lot :)
    Thanks for the comment :)

  10. Sometimes, it takes some courage to speak out exactly what our heart says....but it's always worth it :)

  11. Lol! Came here from Scribblers :) And I must say this is awesome. I am gonna use some of it on my ex :) :)

  12. @Girl with a silver pen : exactly !!

    @Sach! : hehe...bless you ;)


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