June 28, 2011

Sandeep can neither be created nor be destroyed ......

Sandeep-Happy birthday to me...happy birthday to me... (screams at top of his voice) ...May god all bless me..happy birthday to me.

Everyone  at office looks at him and people start greeting and wishing him. His boss and super bosses called him to wish him happy birthday.His subordinates even order cake for him. He happily cuts the cake and distributes it to everyone. Finally at the end of the day some beautiful girl  asks him something.

Girl-So Sandy, how does it feels turning 40 and how was your day?

Sandeep- Are you crazy girl?Can't you see i am the Mallu version of Salman Khan? look at my biceps, look at my tricpes , look at my 1 big pack..How can I be 40?

Girl-Shit!I just forgot ...people in our office are thinking that you are 50

Sandeep-Holy Cow!. I am  just 21 years old.Just look at me... I am a YOUNG DUDE from some Mallu land.

Girl-Wow..its awesome Sandy...you just rock ... :D

After  some years ,Sandeep  was celebrating his 50th birthday.
The celebrations  were really cool.Now he was the President of the company. The same girl (no Aunty) came to wish him.

Girl Aunty -Sandeep SIR ,how does it feels turning  50 and how was your day?

Sandeep SIR- Well it feels great.i feel like i am at the top of the world .And hey I'm not old and why do you say I'm 50.

Girl Aunty - Oh sorry sir.You are still the same dashing guy whom I saw few decades ago.What is your real age waise Sandeep SIR?

Sandeep- 21 years old...still rocking and kicking...see my biceps,triceps and my one big pack.I am still the same YOUNG DUDE girl ....oops sorry Aunty

Girl Aunty - *faints*

At the same time ,Some one from some Mallu land says

"People change ,life changes and even sometimes circumstances change...but Sandeep always remains the same.... Sandeep can neither be created nor be destroyed...He only  remains constant and he never gets old .... yes but sometimes things are deceiving"


  1. Happiee wala bday..and I am sure you look better than salman khan

    god blesss

  2. what boring, pakaau homour bhai....tera standard down hota jaa raha hain ;-)

    He he...is this your retaliation for the highway post? ;-)


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