June 27, 2011

Shocketry a.k.a Shocking Poetry!

It’s really heartning to see that the first post by me received such great response; thank you guys! You always manage to make me feel extra special! :D
I would like to begin with a leetil sorry to Stephen. It actually skipped me that you can only post older posts on weekends. So that won’t happen again. However, this is good news for YOU guys, the readers, if you like reading my writing. You would now see one NEW post here every week especially for this place. And on the weekend, you would also be able to witness one of my older, more popular stories. That makes it atleast TWO posts from me every week! :D
Since this is a new place, I thought of doing something NEW for it. At this moment, I hereby coin a new form of poetry: SHOCKETRY! I define Shocketry as nothing but Shocking Poetry. It can always be a good shock or a bad shock. The only condition is it MUST have shock value! Your boyfriend growing horns. The school teacher turning into an octopus. Anything. Wild!

The Pumpkin’s Revenge

It was late at night
And Jack sat down
On the night before Halloween.
With knife and pumpkin on his lap
All ‘ready’, if you know what I mean!

For years together,
 Jack always made
Lanterns Big and Small
And during Halloween, Jack o’ Lanterns shone
In the houses, one and all...

So on this night
Without a fright
Jack poised his knife on top
Before the blade could make the cut
He heard a grave voice say “STOP!”

“No more lanterns!”
The pumpkin said,
“We have taken this all too long!”
And before Jack knew, the pumpkin broke
Into a pumpkin song!

The song now over,
And Jack quite frozen
The result was very strange
Jack spoke not a word, nor did any gesture
For both seemed out of range

Next morning when
the villagers came
to take their lanterns home
It seemed just like any other Halloween
The way the years had known.

“This one looks like Uncle Jack!”
A child squealed looking at his piece
The villagers giggled
and praised crafty Jack, saying
“I think we should pay his fees!”

Jack now hangs
Outside a door
With a candle in his head
And if the poem scared you bad,
Make sure you don’t wet your bed!

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  1. Shockingly funny. lol.

  2. @lover: You have an AWESOME profile pic...and haha...thanks! :)

    @smita: haha! Glad you liked it... and while I write this, I see a certain someone has already taken the bait! :D

  3. @sandeep: Thank you so much!! :)

    @solitary writer: Thank you so much! Why dont you put in a shocketry for the fun of it? :)


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