June 27, 2011

Ste, Sandeep and the highway rules!

Ste: hi Sandeep...What's up brother? I am driving my new car, Tata Nano!

Sandeep: Be careful brother. You should not talk over the phone while driving. Don't you know the rules?

Ste: Don't preach ok! This is the only rule that I am not following. Rest everything am following religiously!

Sandeep: Like what?

Ste: For example, I am keeping my Nano in the left lane while driving. That's because the board read, 'Heavy vehicles towards the left'

Sandeep: Why on earth would you do that? Nano is not a heavy vehicle idiot. Trucks, buses etc are!

Ste: You idiot! I am sitting inside the Nano you dumbhead. That means the car is heavier by a quintal more. That makes it a Heavy vehicle. Hence left lane.

Sandeep: *faints*


  1. hahahaha. LOL
    and even after being faint sandeep managed to write the story for us... :P

  2. haha... lol....

    Imagine Ste in a Tata Nano, on the expressway... :P lol


  3. lmao. There's a high possibility that this is a real conversation. :D

  4. lol, getting a person inside the nano makes it a pound heavier just to be categorized as a heavy vehicle!!!
    funny conversation ! ;)

  5. No wonder the Gurgaon highway always gets jammed! :P

    Scribblers Inc.


  6. lol good one ...but sadly i don't own any Nano :D and secondly this isnt a real conversation :D

  7. haha..good one sandeep..it seems you have made ste your bunny :D

    @ ste ..I would not be surprised if this convo would actually turn out to be true in 2 years time :D


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