June 25, 2011

Love,Hate & all that - 1

The night sky was beautiful with the moon smiling like a little kid. I looked at the clock and it was 2 am. I usually had this habit of sleeping late. My timings collapsed as a result of which my sleep cycle got disturbed. As usual,  I  got to know that someone close to me  had  tried to call me. I never knew why but this person  is attracted towards me. I was a charmer once in my teen age days but everything seemed new this time.  I saw 5 missed calls from Anindita.

It has been only few months before I met Anindita when life was completely different. A flamboyant young  graduate took steps into the corporate world. A guy who was never used to politics had to face the wrath of ugly politics at offices. It was during this period of time when I saw this wonderful angel on Earth.She was a simple  girl who looked promising. She was a fresher like me. We both had a common friend and it was this common friend who helped her to befriend me. It was already 5 am and I was skeptical if Anindita was already asleep. I never really wanted to ruin her sleep. But I called her.
"Hello Anin,you alright," I said to her.She was sounding active at this hour of the day.
The early morning sun peeked in from behind.

"Dude, I never thought you would call me," She was excited.
"What! look its 5 am and you should be sleeping by now," I said to her.This is the time  when I usually hit the bed.

"Ahh!you asking me to sleep...i want to talk to you,"  She said.
"Common yar, I am feeling sleepy,talk to you at office," I leaned on the chair.
"You always say this ,but you don't talk to me ...you are such a busy bee...huh ...good night," She muttered.
"No,I will meet you at the Cafeteria ..sharp at  1...promise..Now good night...good morning... huh..bye," I cut the phone for once.
For once life was different before she entered my life. She was sweetness personified. But I was sure that I would never fall for a girl like her. She was good at making friends.I still remember the first day when she joined the project and there were a group of 10 people already wanting to talk to her.She would usually get dressed in Indian suits but she looked more beautiful in Western outfits .
I woke up at 9 am and as usual left for the office. I saw a text message on my cell phone .
"Arush, meet you at the cafeteria sharp at 1! :) ,"  It was Anin's message.
Sometimes she would make me smile. We would go out together and people would think that we both were more than friends.

The one person whom I hated in my life was my boss. He never encouraged anyone in his entire life. No matter what he was one such creature on Earth who never knew what appreciation meant. He would often highlight the negative things. For him ,his subordinates are dogs who would listen to him.Such things have been a part and parcel of my life at Xlcs,but I have made many good friends here who have been an integral part of my life.There are many friends of mine who would personally thank me for mentoring them and giving them KT's about different things. It was 1pm. I was busy in my review activities. I saw Anindita's missed call. I knew i had promised her that we both would meet. I never wanted to disappoint her. I locked my desktop and rushed to the cafeteria which was crowded with Xlcs Employees.
"Legend,there you are!," Some one patted on my back. It was Anindita. She was wearing a Punjabi suit and a red lipstick which perfectly matched her suit.
"You are looking beautiful ," I looked at her.
"Don't flatter me dude...lets have some tea," She said.
"What are you upto ...you busy bee," She winked.
"Nothing...just reviewing some artifacts and have to send a report to boss....," I replied her.
"I tell you that one day your boss will eat you raw and I will be there to save you...Superwoman Haha," She said and we both laughed.
"Nevertheless, he is sometimes good...how is your work?," I asked her.
"Never talk about work... you know I'm a loser at work and I suck...whats plan for tommorow..." She curiously asked me.
"Sleep ...sleep and sleep... Saturday  yaaar....," I said with a straight face.
"Saturday and saturdays are fun....lets go for a movie," She said. Her eyes shined as she spoke. She would smile like an angel and I just couldn't help myself. I never realized that she would mesmerize me.She was a friend and we both would be friends forever. she was 3 years older to me. She admired me and supported me with my office activities whenever  I  was busy. She was a gem of a person.

"Okay ..done!! now getting back to work...will give you a call tommorow ," I bid her bye.
She looked younger everyday.Everyone at office had an eye on her but she was a kind of person who loved people watching her from sidelines. She was an attention seeker and she was someone who loved hanging out with me.I loved her company. I never wanted to be away from her.
It was Saturday and we had booked tickets  for "Inception".
She met me at Fame Adlabs sharp at 8 pm. She started looking beautiful to me everyday. I couldn't believe my eyes but yes she was indeed 3 years older to me.

"Arush...I have got something to tell you..." her voice broke.

(To be continued...)


  1. Very interesting Ste...waiting for the next part!

  2. Right from start to end, I didn't even blinked my eyes...just not to loose track.
    Waiting for the next part :)

  3. Ste :) I loved it! Waiting to read more..
    Keeping fingers crossed <3 <3


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