May 25, 2011

Who's smarter..

          Each generation gets smarter than the generation before.. Kids these days can make a fool out of adults! The same was the situation when I was a kid. Adults used to say, "Kids these days know to talk on phone."
         Phone means the landline phone! Today kids know to handle the computer, laptop, mobile phones etc etc.. The gadget generation! My nephew who is all of 2 years is a gadget freak!
         He once came crying into my room. Seeing me working on my laptop, he quickly forgot the reason of his despair. He came over to me and sat on my lap. I was so awed that "Mausi pe itna pyaar?" and then the smart head started typing on the laptop! So the reason was not me but the laptop! Such are these kids who can make you drool over them and make you a fool in a minute.
         Some of my relatives recently took panga with a generation way to smarter than them. I was the silent spectator in this..
         We went over to a relatives place, where there was this small girl called Deepti, all of 2 years. She is a chatterbox and wise beyond her years (which is not an individual case these days). So these relatives tried to pull her leg.
         There was another kid called Ashu who is about 5 years old.
The relatives started talking of Deepti's bicycle as Ashu's. They were talking aloud, "How come Ashu's bike is here. Chalo let's take it home."
          Deepti looked confused and tried to sum up what was happening. The elders thought she will vehemently defend it as hers. So they further asked her, "Whose cycle is this Deepti?"
          Her reply stunned them. She said "Ashu's bike it is."
 She was now playing with the elders! they didn't know what to say!
          Someone asked, "what is Ashu's bike doing here?"
 Pat came the reply,"She left it here last night."
           Saying so, she laughed out and ran out to play.
The relatives looked at each other's face expressionless and spellbound.
          How easily she interpreted their intention and how she worked it against them! I was amazed at her intelligence! All at the age of mere 2 years!
          I was the one who giggled first and commented," Pata chala who's smarter? Bacchose panga kyun lete ho uncle?"
         We all had a hearty laughter following this incident!!


  1. yes kids are getting smarter day by day

  2. It is not because they are smarter.It is their exposure.


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