May 24, 2011

Ek Mayoos Guzarish!

Jab kal raat pyaas lagi toh yaad aaya ki hum kab se pyaase they
Raat ki un tanhaiyon mein har lamha jaagey they

Aur yaad aaya ki zindagani mein aapse kya kya mila…

Ek hansi se jeene ka sahara mila
Ek hansi se dubey ko kinara mila
Ek hansi se patjhad k mausam khile
Ek hansi se khushiyon k manzar mile

Jab kal raat aankh lagi toh paaya hum kitne akele hain
Raat ki khamoshi mein sapno ki bebasi se khele hain

Aur yaad aaya ki zindagani mein aapse kya kya mila….

Un ankhon ka nasha jisne paimaane chuda diye
Un ankhon ki jhalak jisne dhoke bhula diye
Un ankhon ki nazaakat jisne hayaa sikha di
Un ankhon ki gehrai jisne duniya bhula di

Yaadon k bhanwar mein is kadar kho gaye
Waqt ka ehsaas hi na hua aur hum puri raat ro gaye

Aaj ek haare huye dil ki koi fariyaad sun le
Aaj ek tanha akele ki koi awaaz sun le
Aaj ek humdard ki talash koi puri kar jaaye
Aaj ek sahare ki kami koi puri kar jaaye

Aaj do pal meethey koi khairaat mein hi de de
Aaj ek lamha pyaar ka koi majaak mein hi de de
Koi tumhari jagah na le paye sahi
Bas do pal k jazbaat hi de de

Jab kal raat aansu bahey toh paaya ki is kadar dard mein toh hum jee na payengey
Zakhm itne genre hain ki agar marham na mile toh hum inhe see na payengey!

(PS - This is a dramatic comeback to TWL. For two reasons, One After personalizing my blog space and removing its viewership rights, This is the first time I have blogged. Secondly, I was never sure if I had a courage to make such a confession prone and close to heart post on the lounge after such a long time. Its almost a diary entry, so far from fiction and so close to everything in my life right now)

(PPS - This is dedicated to people who fail to realize the importance of attention that people in pain seek. May god give you the vision to see beyond interests, beyond needs, beyond motives and beyond circles to identify those around you, who are in need)



  1. Every comment to this post shall be replied back, Its a promise!

  2. nice yaar pulkit and its nice to see u here gain
    superb poem
    and each word has magic in it

  3. Thanks Chirag for the comments. I am happy to see, atleast someone read and commented :)
    Thanks for all the kind words of appreciation bro!

  4. nicely written and straight from the heart... waiting to read more from you on the lounge :)
    Keep posting soon !!!


  5. Wow Pulkit. Reading you after ages. Welcome back bro!! And a dramatic comeback it is! I am really glad that you consider TWL so close to your heart to make such a confession! Cheers bro.

    Can see the lounge coming back to its old colours. Let's not lose the momentum!

  6. @maithili - thanks for dropping the comment. I have been a part of lounge for almost 2 and a half years now :) just writing back to life here, thats always awesome :)

  7. @Sandeep Balan - Lounge and me have been together for almost 2 and a half years, and I am close to 60 posts down :) 35 of which were written in a span of 50 days. Those first fifty days, that assures me that no matter what goes by, lounge is the place where inspiration flies by as a breathing space every time a writer needs rejuvenation and revival or transformation :) Its a home, and home coming is always special :)
    I agree that I am not among the big gang of friends that stay in touch using twitter and other social networking platforms,but never the less, I remember everyone and everything :) Its almost like yesterday

  8. welcome home bro. welcome home
    this is a helluva post.

  9. Thanks FL for reading it and giving the support that I so badly need!
    so so badly!

  10. loved the poem but love u more ALWAYS...

  11. Wow so the old people are back :)

    You guys make me remember that one night of chain posts someone make Tan Dada to come back too...and the family will be complete :)

    I love the post....its so your kind....Loved it.....keep scribbling...ooops writing ;-)

  12. @mysterious gal - M glad someone did recognized me as an old pal here :) and I hope ur talking of that chain posts series titled :) irresistible :) Its very close to my heart!
    and just as your pen name, the cover pic of urs have a mysterious effect to it :) I want to pen something down pondering upon it :) may be tomorrow night after my sem exam :) :D
    tc gal! thanks for the feedback


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