May 24, 2011

TWL - Let there be light!

Nice to be back :-)

This place still holds the charm and one just needs to scratch the surface to see all the fun that we had when the lounge was at it's best. StepMan, Malan, 2 point someone, Microhumours, 55 fictions, Ste jokes by Arjun & me, Asbah's encouragement and her scribbles, Golu-Bhondu series, Ste's high voltage philosophy, Kajal's mesmerizing poems, Tan's magic, Leo's ownership, Freelancers never say die spirit, Chirag's enthusiasm, Nabila's comments, Aarthi's fun filled posts, Hashan's humour, John's rants, Nan's fiction, Rose's childlike exuberance, the Venky sisters casting their spell, Priyanka's soulful posts, Shruti's musings, Bhargav n Raghav's quizzes, contests etc. etc. Seems just like yesterday when I would be refreshing the page every hour and hitting the compose button with a sole intention of pulling Ste's leg and then wait for his retaliation. That obviously, was not the only reason for me to refresh this blog every hour. There would be posts waiting for contributors. Poems and story chains waiting to be picked up. It would be pure fun. One in which you could immerse yourself and come out refreshed, besides all the learning. Come the theme-based contests and I would have a blast reading all the takes on that particular subject. Getting judged by stalwarts and their comments on the stories would be the icing on the cake. TWL was such an awesome place to be. A writers dream and a readers paradise. The incubation ground for budding writers and a great place to make some awesome friends. That was TWL. One big family!

Somewhere...Somehow....TWL started taking a backseat. Life took it's own turn for lot of us. TWL ceased to be the place that it was meant to be. New members looked at this blog like a place where they could re-post the old content from their blog and add on to the comments that they had already got on their blog. And while they were doing this, there was no one to tell them what TWL was originally meant for. That it was a place where we connected over fresh posts and challenges thrown at each other, a place where we would await someone to start off a series and we would pick it up like a chain, a place where we commented and made friends, a place where we would share everything with the members who are like a family, a place where we would laugh and cry together and be there for each other in the darkest hours, a place where we would not push our individual blogs but let the readers come down on their own if they wish to, a place where it was not 'me' and 'you' but a 'WE', a place where we would put TWL above everything else!

Let's bring back the magic. Let's make TWL what it used to be!

P.S: Ste, am not going to feature in any episode of Roadies 8! ha ha ha...I just did a shoot with Raghu/Rajeev for a digital campaign we were launching. Check it out at (log in with your FB and find out the truth about your friends :P :P)

P.P.S: Ste, zyaada panga lega toh Raghu aur Rajeev se maar padegi tereko :P :P :P ;)

Loads of love,

Sandeep Balan


  1. Sandeep, thanks a tom for helping me relive those memories yet again! It was through sheer coincedence that I chanced upon TWL today after so many months, out of the blue!

    Trust me, there couldn't have been a better post to rekindle my attention and affection towards this place!

    P.S. - It's time to get back to this 'neverland' :-)

  2. OMG Sandy is back :)

    I so so miss the place it used to be....Those late night chain posts....those pulling b/w u and ste.....and then those composing in conference....O yes that chat box of us where we all used to chat all night....

    And yes no reposting was was done only on sundays remember :)
    and those contests....and those birthdays .....and those friends we made....I think I ceased making close blogger friends post TWL days .....I am so glad now things can move.....and now u get others back too....I miss Rash, Aarti, prats, Tan, Ste, Fl, Rosh, Kajal......I miss my angelic gang.....I want I want :)

    P.S. Tujhe to mujhse padegi waise kaha gayab hai aajkal...Tu dilli aa fir dekhti ho :P

  3. I agree with almost everything said in the post. And I am willing to contribute in anyway to the rejuvination of this amazing space that we have here :)
    just wrote a post for the same!!
    PS - In all those names, mentioned, I need to add Pratibha's name :) She was a great sport, always commenting and encouraging others and always contributing to the chain posts :) and I have memories of the irresistible series and the vampire series from those days which still brings a smile on my face, a big one!

  4. One big bhalu in between two Ganjaa ... :D :D :D

    welcome home Sandeep :)

  5. People above have written it all. Refreshing memories that you brought back with this simple post Sandeep.

    There were few things which withdrew me from here... but then, the fun we had here, i could never get it back again... :)


  6. hehe @ the picture at the end.

    you havent changed man! duh.

    welcome back :)
    and haw hayay you missed prats and vinay!
    and insi..
    anyway, *noslatgia* :')




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