May 24, 2011


:) The name itself is enough to pull a smile from few of the old members out here. We all know how much we miss this beautiful lady. How much we miss her writings ?. But she should realize that she is being missed. When we both first spoke about a common platform thing for writers ,bloggers etc ; I knew that something big would come for sure. How come it won't be possible when two intelligent people on Earth  converse with each other regarding something big. I still remember  what all she wanted to do in this WL. Her aspirations,dreams and lots more associated with this lounge. I'm sad that she isn't with us at this hour. I'm sure she is offcourse reading all these posts. She preferes anonymity.

So when you post something here then  I warn you that someones watching over you :D .Hows the Lounge now? Does it really looks that good ? I knew its not as ausumn as the old one .Our main intention was to get back that old trademark look of TWL and its association with the black theme.Sandeep Malan Balan is busy branding stuffs as what brand managers used to do. It is said that he is going to feature in one episode of Roadies 8.0 .I don't know how true is this but it would be awesome to see him. Where have the good old members of TWL disappeared. I only see few active members? Where the hell is ARtz,Nabs,Prats,Leo,Kajal,Rashi and gang. I'm sorry if i missed out few names. Oh common we all have made it big ,so it is our job to get it going. I appreciate Freelancer for his contribution to the TWL.

I end up with a positive note that TWL will rock back again. I have a lots of expectation with you don't disappoint

Love you .a.

May Almighty bless all,
Sandeep ,Asbah ,Ste


  1. life main problems aati hain
    kai bar hame 2 kadam piche lene hote hain taki 10 kadam aur aage badh jaye
    aur TWL ka ye yahi phase hain ab hum fir se aage badhane vale hain ...
    bas ek sher kahunga is bar par
    "girate hain ghudsawar hain maidan -e -jung mein,
    vo kya khak girenge jo ghutano ke bal chalte hain"

  2. Asbah,

    If you're reading this, which I am sure you are... then please know that I miss you a lot. I still miss that phone call you gave me on my birthday... a surprise I can never forget.

    You'll always be my elder sister. I have learned a lot from you, Di. And I miss you a hell lot!

    And Ste, I too will be regular here. :-)

  3. Back to lounge for in an attempt to give my creative best to it,as much as I could. Hope everyone is along!

  4. How did I miss this one....I miss Asbah...wish u can make her come back...even if anonymously....and the family will be back to how it was...

    Ste make Aartz, Rash, Shwe, Prats and Nik to come once a while too...only u can do that.....they were my angels i met here and made Lounging all the more home....

    Dont worry I will make a post has to be special so taking time :)

  5. i wish i could bring them back.. :) but i shall try


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