May 31, 2011

Is that what they call old is Gold?

                      Have you ever noticed the stark difference between old professionals and freshers in a particular business? There is something to learn from the generation before which the new generation lacks. I don't know what it is, you could call it charm or patience or simply the old school of thoughts..
                     I happened to visit a very senior doctor for some skin problem a few weeks back. She is known for her precise judgement and usually the first course of medicines work on the condition. Her appointment is difficult to get because of the long queue of patients and also because now she has reduced the working hours. When I went to her, she analysed me and then asked,
                "You had been here once, right?"
I was awed! The last time I went there was 8 years back for some health problem I don't even remember! 
                 She asked me my name and started searching the neatly piled prescription papers in her drawer and voila! she had the prescription sheet on which she had written my details. My age on the sheet said 11 years! 
                 She wrote the new prescription on the same now yellow sheet and gave me a copy of the same. The medicines she advised worked effectively. She even advised me about the food to have keeping in mind my schedule. That is what they call being a doctor. 
                 When I go to any other doctor (the new ones) , they use the trial and error method. Prescribe higher antibiotics that would get them higher profits from the neighboring chemist. Sometimes, they don't even bother to check patient history. When related complications rise, they simply change the course of medication. They literally take their job as "PRACTICE". Don't even ask about diet or any other thing. They would straightaway refer you to a nutritionist or any specialized fields to gain some more profit. This is today's commercial doctor!
                  Just a day before, I was travelling in an auto. The autorickshaw driver was an old fellow. During our journey, several high speed autos overtook us, drove rashly, bikers trying to show off and all through the ride, the driver remained calm. Followed the traffic rules. Stood still at the signal. Slowed down at a turn. Even waved out while taking the smallest of the turns. I doubt he must have had even a single scratch on his auto. He drove with such precision. 
                   I have had some "dhoom" moments with Mumbai autodrivers. One dabbang tried to usher in the auto between the BEST bus and the divider. Murderous intentions I could say! What followed was scuffle between the bus driver and him. Such drivers are really a pain. They break rules and endanger lives! Warm blood .. Lack of patience. Ensure you reach on time, but at what cost? 
                   The old drivers are not only more cautious, but more polite too. This is my experience with them.
The younger generation of professionals, whatever field it may be, should learn the value of patience, courtesy, customer care. Aggressiveness does not create goodwill..
                   Maybe that's why they say, Old is Gold..


  1. old is always gold and that thing fitted in everthing special
    compare kishore da,mukesh,rafi sahab songs from the todays singers's song...
    you will know the difference

  2. i agree with maithili!

    I find myself lacking in this virtuous attribute we call patience!

    I find the same situations around me with my peers too -

    perhaps its part and parcel of the 'fast moving running cutting' society that we live in, no?

    I would rather live in a slow paced, world with tranquility, peace and patience instead.

    I wish that i wont have to die for it..

    (aka asbah)


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