May 31, 2011

The Ugly Earthling

Coming from a highly orthodox family belonging to the Vaishnavaites of the Hindu religion, you get to see a lot of portraits of the various incarnations, of lord Vishnu, around the house.
Most of these portraits will be the last known incarnations, Krishna and Rama.

I was just roaming around the house feeling bored...
I came by this particular portrait of Krishna... Then, I realized that all of the "Gods" portrayed, are done so in such a beautiful way...
Take a male god, and he will be the perfect man.
Take a female god, and she will be the perfect women.

I moved, and came to the mirror, fixed pretty close to the painting, and then I saw the ugliest thing, compared to the figures which were present in the painting.

It, really, may be the dumbest, stupidest thinking in the entire human race, but I personally feel jealous of the physical structures of the god...

Myths and epic tell of their great deeds and how they attracted everyone by their astonishing physique and destroyed the evil, which persisted in their era, using their incredulous power...

But then, comparing them to us, (read god's horcrux, as to why), all that we are left with, is the weak and the ugly. (Even if you ask a 10 time miss universe, she'll tell you she is not perfect when compared to her competitor).

I understand that the reason why the gods portrayed, are done so beautifully... It is because their inner-self is pure, which persists without any disorientation...
But, I, somehow, still have the grudge against it...

Why is that the god is so B-E-A-utiful, and the earthlings ugly?

Yea, yea...
It’s the inside character that matters and not the outside as the supreme don't have a physical structure.

If yes, then tell me why are you so obsessed to wear new clothes every season? I knew people who change their dress 3 times a day...
I even knew a few from the "ROYAL SOCIETY" who never wear the same, more than once...

The only good part in me is my face and my hair, which I admire most of the time...
The rest of the body is total chaos (Google "muscular dystrophy" under images).

If everything in this world is controlled by fate, then I'm pretty sure that, I'm made to have this thought in my mind, by the forces around and inside me.

If it's our inner mind that has been portrayed in the human form, then why not do so, as practical and as natural as that.
If our mind has already thought about these and yet still believes the old customs of God and religion, then it is really interesting to know that we are dependent on such ever changing mind, to live our daily lives.

It is true that, we all look upwards wondering when will, god come down and help us be better. But we fail to realize its god who is waiting.
It is us who have to come out and think beyond God.

I'm not obsessed with this thought of being ugly, but it keeps coming up each and every time I come around that particular painting and cross the mirror.

The ugly earthling...

And the only thing I've learnt till now is,
It's not the way you LOOK.
It's the WAY you look.

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  1. It's not the way you LOOK.
    It's the WAY you look.
    nice lines to end and this lines are the summary
    god is present in every person and it depends on individual person to wake up that god in himself.
    god helps you when you helps yourself.

  2. i am most honored for you have understood the article in the exact same view that i wrote..
    more is coming. :)

  3. I think its good to have them pictured perfect. May be our forefathers thought it good to have a 'perfect' God which people would like to imitate and all that. God is everything a human is not. So u see, if u didn't have muscular dystrophia, maybe you'd be thinking why a particular God image has got so many wives when we humans are supposed to be contend with one (no offense meant, forgive me). Maybe its in our nature, to find flaws in us. Maybe that help us achieve more, and we're still not perfect. So we struggle and reach even higher. You know, the part of india I'm from, when its summer, people say "Oh the heat is unbearable, can't we get some rain?" The day after the next it's raining non-stop and people say "Oh this rain never stops, I'm longing for some sunshine". So u see, maybe its not the WAY we look afer all. Maybe the fact that we're LOOKING is to be considered. why bother? :)

  4. yeah, i love the last two lines.
    incredibly delightful

    the caps, gave the right meaning to it too.

    at the end, believe me, it only depends on how You Choose to see things, believe me, the world will some day look at them/you, exactly the same way you wanted to be looked at.

    sometimes, it may require patience, I pray it be easy for you.

    (aka asbah)

  5. @kevin.
    "...The fact that we are looking...", this line has opened another door to go further deep inside the human mind. Thats something that never occurred to me. thanks for the spark.

    @.a. aka (asbah)
    thanks for ur prayer.. i hope d-day comes soon.. :p


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