May 31, 2011

~ Our Destiny - 1

It was already 7 in the morning. My Phone started ringing again for the 4th time, I guess. I was too tired to go and pick it. Finally, it stopped.
It started ringing again.
Me, "Oh, not again."
I cursed the caller as I went and picked the call. I regretted it as soon as I saw the name of the caller. It was from my friend Preethi.

Me, "Hey, Good morning."

Preethi, "Happy New year sadz. Are you still sleeping ? Get ready. We have plans."

I was drifting back to my past. Memories of him started flowing in and I lost track of what was happening.

"Hey, are you still there? Are you getting ready? Or you want us to come there? " ,she yelled at me.

Me, "Uh, no. I will be there in your home by 9. See you there. Happy new year. And thanks for the wake up call. Take care."

Preethi, "Yea ok dear. See you soon. Take care."

She was my Bestie from my school days. She was the one who was always there for me. And now she is doing all that she can to keep me busy. To keep me from thinking about him. 

I got ready as soon as I could and went to Preethi's home. The girls were already there ~ Preethi, Shwetha, Rithi and Deepika. We, five of us always hang out together. And, this would be the last new year we celebrate as students. This is our final year in college.

"Happy New year", they shouted in chorus. All I could do was laugh and I wished them back.

We had our breakfast at her home and started for the plaza. We had booked tickets for the Narnia. 

After the movie and lunch we went to the beach, gossiping about all the stuff in the town. 

And then to the final destination for the day ~ Cafe Coffee Day. 

We were having fun out there by planning our days for the coming months.

Preethi was having her Cappuccino. And suddenly it happened again. 

Me, "Careful Preethi. You are going to break that glass." 

And yes, she did just seconds later. A little boy aged 5 from the next table was playing with a ball which hit Preethi's hand. And she dropped the glass.

And then, the boy's parents were endlessly apologizing to Preethi. And people from CCD were cleaning the mess. But I was somewhere else. In a distant world. His thoughts were again flowing in. And Preethi was staring at me.

To be continued ..]  

P.S.: This is purely a fiction :P . 

~ The Enigma


  1. I am waiting for the continuation! This is getting curious!! Need the next part quick quick quick!!
    You are good!!

  2. I would love to read more. :DD

    The "him" you mentioned is starting to form an image in my head. No idea why, but I keep imagining that he drowned. :O

  3. the curiosity is getting over me..
    get the next part asap pls.. :)

  4. nice...sometimes whatever you say or think happens...waiting for the next part...

  5. nice one..waiting for the next part...

  6. WOW!! wondering if she/you could predict the curiosity in our minds...Write soon :D

  7. nice start yaar...looking forwrd to it

  8. @ Mythili, Chef.Dro, Eyeshadow, Anoop and Chirag

    Thanks a lot guys :) It means a lot to me. Sorry for the delay. was held up by my project works. Will be more quick from now.. :P

    @ Nic..

    Thanks a lot yar.. And amm that is a very nice imagination, :D but i assure you that he is not drowned.. ;)

  9. sounds interesting -- leme see whats next :)

    (aka asbah)


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