August 26, 2010

Near YET far

A Penguin-Grassy post

I dunno why am writing this.Today...after being absent for so long, and most probably will be absent from tomorrow again. But then again, the 'now' belongs to me. Most of you probably do not remember us. Us means, the adorable 'Grasshopper' and the annoying 'Penguin'. No matter, this is Grassy's rant tonight.

June 2009. A year has passed since then. For me and her, it feels we have lived a lifetime. Together and Separated. By choice and destiny. Penguin is in Chennai tonight. She has been here for the last two months. And i have met her...once! Yes, once! Six months ago, it was for the same girl i waited for. Her trips to Chennai were short then and we made sure we met almost every other day. Nothing else mattered but being near her....watching her smile, being drowned in her eyes. 

Mocha and Cafe Coffee Day became our home. With a flicker of her eyes, a thousand nerves in my brain twitched and a dozen emotions raged. The walks in the rain, the secretly staring at each other. We always did say we were the bestest of friends, but we both knew something wonderful lurked inside. Something that just needed to be ignited, just needed a spark. Madness right? yeah, we were mad. At each other, for each other. 

A year down the line and the towering waves of feelings have calmed down quietly....slowly... The pings became less, the sms's infrequent, the talks nearly non-existent. In short, we moved on. What we had was wonderful. So wonderful, that the absence of it leaves a gaping whole in life now. What we feel for each other now, we keep it to ourselves. But she will always be my Penguin, my weakness, my strength.

One thing i know she is still her silly self...we just have to find the spark, the spark that lit Chennai City ablaze a year ago...I smile at myself knowing she is this city. The weather has been romantic this last week and its muddling my thoughts....but she is here...nearby....

Its not closure yet. Not yet.

Ssssshhhh....the cupids are hiding..

Love you loads, 
the dude of the story

(click on the Penguin-grassy link at the top to understand the story if you are confused)


  1. This is something out of Jane Austen's stories! A love that demands another shot because the none was taken earlier. Nice. :)

  2. Sigh! I know it i know it!
    Absolutely loved the penguin grasshopper together but then they moved on.....sigh to it!

  3. OMG!! I was not expecting this at all, trust me.

    You made my day grassy... :) Yes, we don't meet, we hardly talk... and as you said, those towering waves have calmed down. But, trust me on one thing... we both are besties today! I don't have to hide anything from you. You are the first and probably the only person in my life to whom I would just come up randomly and tell you all that am going through... even if i meet you after years.

    I miss the Mocha magic and CCD Chocolate Fantasies, but still those memories are fresh... :)

    Flicker of my eyes eh...? ;) Love it! :D

    P.S. (@ Grassy) : I have really missed you a lot. :)

    P.S. (@ Everyone) : Yes, you're right. This is me, the girl of the story... Penguin. :)

  4. meri aankhe chalak aayi.n :D

    but seriously guys..i luv u both..luv both f u bng 2gether..luv both f u alag alag also.. :P But most importantly luv u guys when u r happy.. :)

    u 2 ppl mk chennai cm alive.. ;)
    stay blessed..


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