August 27, 2010

You mean a lot to me...

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Hey guys,

I know am not known here anymore... I am not anyone's favorite here either. I am someone who lost the way to The Writers Lounge, but has been brought back here by the post (linked above) by one of my bestie.

Well, to begin with... you all need to hear this that the grasshopper cannot always be 'adorable' and the penguin cannot always be 'annoying'... rather its about the 'pretty and absolutely adorable' penguin and 'irritating and annoying' grasshopper. No, you're wrong... how can you think that? You mean we are talking about an actual grasshopper and an actual penguin? Phew...! I call him 'grasshopper' and he calls me 'penguin'... :)

Yes, its been an year... may be more than that (see, i don't even remember) that has passed since then. But, it was the best of times. It witnessed a plethora of emotions then...the emotions that are just not there today. I was crazy back then? Or, have I stopped 'feeling' those emotions that then meant the world to me? Sigh! I do not have an answer.

It was always those little things that gave us the happiness. It was all about... my held being held by him suddenly when no one was seeing, about all the attention being given to me even when so many friends were there with us, it was about those cute sudden winks when 'everyone around us did see', it was about pretending that we hate each other when the world knew we didn't; it was about Mocha stories that some people from Writers Lounge longed for, was about standing together unmindful of being drenched in rain. My Chennai visits were shorter then, we waited and longed to meet. Today, I am here for two months and I just met you once. It is not that you're not missed, you know it.

Times are changing... though I don't want it to. This time when I met him, it wasn't the same. He was lost in his own world. I tried asking why, no answer. I looked at him, when all our friends were busy talking...and he, to my surprise, wasn't looking at me this time. He was busy with everyone else, or probably himself. Though we were sitting across the table, we knew we were miles apart. We said goodbyes with a hug, a cold one. I don't know what is wrong... I don't know what is this called... moving on, or a silent acceptance. What I feel for you, I keep it to myself... I find my smiles in those memories of the times we spent.

I am still that crazy penguin... making weird noises while eating that yummy chocolate fantasies at CCD, pulling your nose at times and trying to make a squint while you're deeply engrossed in my eyes. Chennai is boring without all this grassy, trust me. Are the cupids really hiding? Or are they busy with some other grassy and penguin in this city? Show me some love cupids. 


The Girl of the story


  1. Dear Friend,
    Good Evening!
    Still he means a lot to you?Each reason gives more pain;so stop asking whys.
    Life is still beautiful!And Chennai offers a lot!
    Change is for better.Move on.
    Wishing you a lovely night,

  2. awww :)
    i know the feeling...

    nothing is permanent...not even the sad days :)


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