June 14, 2010

He loves me not!

Every morning i wake up to a new day with emptiness in my heart. I dress up and walk lost completely in my own thoughts.I sometimes don' undersand myself a all. I know that i am running to reach somehing,I know i am searching for something. But i don' get it! I mean where i am heading to!? What i am searching for!? Why does rain bring such bliss in my heart! Why do i yearn to behold the beauty of a butterfly.Why am i waiting for a miracle that would change my life!?? My mind is filled with questions. The quest has begun.But the path is unknown. I am lost in my own journey called life.How starnge i don't understand my own life. When i say i am searching for god why isit that people laugh at me!? What's so funny about it!? The happiness i know takes is own sweet time.Why there are times in my life its so dark that i cry to find that ray of light. Why is the sky empty. Where are all those stars which once shone upon me!? Where is that wave which once sung me a symphony!? Where is my god who wiped my tears. Where is he who once held my hand and said he would never let go!?

I played that game again. Its called "He loves me, He loves me not. " Why i always lose the game!? Why does it always says "He loves me not" !

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  1. It's sadly strangely;/ some questions are ambiguous;/ us, they estrange;/ in ways dubious./ Nice post!

  2. I've asked myself similar questions, I don't think I found an answer yet, but I'm staying strong. For myself.

    You stay strong too, kays? :)

  3. @Nic
    Yes tryin to stay strong..U too girl!:)

  4. Where is my god who wiped my tears. Where is he who once held my hand and said he would never let go!?

    Wat beautiful lines!!! Dont worry.. u shall be held soon, never to be left again. Good luck :)

  5. thats a touching one... but then moving on is what life is all about... and that tough too...

  6. Dear Blossom Blue,
    Good Morning!
    It says,''He loves me not''!
    Because you are not blossom red!:)
    The best person yet to come!
    The life is always beautiful!
    Whatever has happened is for good!
    God has planned your future!
    Believe,surrender,let go!
    A new life awaits you!
    Can you give asweet smile now?
    Wishing you a wonderful day ahead,

  7. its heart touching....I do not think I myself have an answer for it.

  8. @ Vasudha

    long time no c.....how hav u been...

    nd abt ur post...everythng alrit????

    hwz da rockstar doin, gal.....dnt be down..alrit..dnt mak me cum der n get u up on dat stage again!!! rock on alrit..stay strong! \m/

    tc! :)

  9. oh nd did i forget to ask again....da gal in ur blog title pic still single! ;) :P

    ask her fr me will u...lookin at da moon...she cld do a lil bit of goin out u knw! :D


  10. Keep believing, I am going through something similar right now. Always remember God is listening even when it seems like He's not. He Loves You like no one else can :)

  11. @Guitarist
    heyaaaaaa soooo nice to hear from u boy <3
    How yaa doin!?? (Joey style :P)
    Well from my side everythin is jus alrite but borin *_*.. Abt the post its jus a post! thank gawd! ;)

    Hehe m on the stage n al this drama! lol.. U tel me abt u.. Howz life!????

  12. The girl in my pro is yes very much single n starin at the moon and the stars always.. Dunno y but she jus loves it:)


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