June 17, 2010

First Rain.

The other day I decided to walk in the first shower of monsoon. It was the perfect reason I needed to spend the rest of the evening on the street. The light coming from the street lamp was flickering. The rain drops were making their way through the halogen bulbs and it looked absolutely serene. I took the first step and felt the water on my bare feet. The anklets were shining...you know... one of those refraction phenomena.... It was so easy... to let myself loose... and go with the flow!

I looked up at the sky! Endless tiny water droplets wet my face.. my hair and my arms... I was touched after so many months... and I knew for a fact that these were going to be the only ones to touch me in future as well! I did not want to feel depressed. I wanted to remember him for what he was... my man.. I wanted to remind myself who I was... His Lady... and not a war widow!

It felt the same.. like that first monsoon rain we had experienced together when we had just married... Haha! The night of our wedding.. it had poured cats and dogs... The whole plan of spending the night at the beach was ruined... But we still managed to get the beach... though in dawn... and watched the sunrise together... It was so much better than watching the sunset!

I was still standing in the rain... Never alone.. Never sad... just like his wife... I'm not a widow.. I choose to live as his wife... his lady.. the love of his life...

First monsoon rains have always reminded me of this feeling and I won't let it go... Ever!


  1. awesome drop of words made such a sweet, simple and touching post ..
    loved it :) :)

  2. beautiful write... the monsoon can do this to anyone... the last lines are lovely...so dignified...

  3. beautiful write... the monsoon can do this to anyone... the last lines are lovely...so dignified...

  4. A taste of happiness through a melancholy, a surge of joy through despair. Lovely!

  5. Your writing is beautiful!I find myself lost in your nostalgia; the rain makes me so happy, and you have portrayed that happiness through this post.

    I am only an amateur writer, but I would be honored if you took a loog at some of the blogs I have written.


  6. interesting read. more than anythin, coz it maintained the awesome feeling that rain brings along. makes me feel like going out n dancing in the rain!

    Cheers :)


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