May 29, 2010

The Perfect Being

Pre-Script :One of my friend updated the following status on his fb :
When Apples were 3 and we were 4 mom said "I don't like apples"
..and to torture you reminded me of my following poem which i wrote when i was 14 (and edited when i was 16)..It's kiddish but the closest thing to my heart i would have ever written..Enjoy!

When I was four :
A heartily smiling face,
Looking down on me,
Swinging me with full pace,
Grabbing me with both hands,

The only one,
To be happy
When i passed step one

--She is my mother
The first memory of her.

When I was ten :

Tightly, steadily holding papers,
Asking a familiar face,
To fill them up,
Standing worried in a new school,

The only one
Though literally illiterate
Getting my admission done

--She is my Mother
One of the faintest memory of her

When I was thirteen :

Trying to console me,
Standing beside my bed,
Arranging the pills and syrup,
Moving fingers through my hair,

The only one
Greatly afraid
Still making me stand operation

--She is my mother
The most heartwarming memory of her

When i was fourteen :

Making me rest in her lap,
Encouraging me with most zealous words,
Unknown with Boards,
But preparing me for the trial,

The only one
Mysteriously filled
With moral information

--She is my mother
The most lovely memory of her

When i am sixteen :

Ready for the most wisest advice,
Ready for the most warmest lap,
Ready for the most genuine care,
Ready for the friend in need,

Ready for the only one
I know will be with me
Always, at any situation

--She is my mother
The perfect idol on earth

Post-Script :
Isn't it simply amazing how your mother understand your world better than you....even when you refuse to admit that.. :)


  1. Beautiful heart-warming poem, mate.
    I think I'll go hug my mum now.

  2. loved ur beautiful poem


  3. i have been longing to write a poem to my mother but couldn't ... Wonderfully you have captured the essence of your mother ... beautiful and very touching .. All Smiles & wishes for your mothter:)


  4. This made me go "Aww.." :')

    I have written stuff dedicated for friends so many times, and now it just struck me that I haven't written one for my mom.


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