June 7, 2010

As If You Don't Know

Boss: Are you ready with your project?
Me: It is almost done, sir. By the way, what is the dead line?
Boss: As if you don't know. It was yesterday, you fool.


Me: Where were you whole day? Don't you bother I was waiting?
Brother: As if you don't know. I have a job. Not like you, who is glued to the computer whole day.


Me: What's up Dad?
Dad: As if you don't know. I'm retired and enjoying my days. Do some work so that you also get this pleasure some day.
Me: Oh.. come on Dad.


Me: Do you still miss me?
She: As if you don't know.


Me: What is for the dinner Mom? I'm very hungry.
Mom: As if you don't know. Don't expect Paneer daily. And by the way, why are you so much hungry? Did you do farming today?
Me: Huh...


Me: You are looking hot. Whose dress are you wearing today?
Colleague: As if you don't know. I wear my own clothes. Not like you, wearing borrowed socks.
Me: Just kidding.


Me: Hey, why are you sad? Did she rejected you? hehehe
Friend: As if you don't know. We are getting married and now I can't even see other chicks.
Me: Well, thats a big twist in your life. Anyways, I am your substitute, mate. hehehe


P.S. - Guys, all the incidents and conversations mentioned above are purely fictitious and for fun only.



  1. ek dum sooooper.....
    am blowing whistles.....
    refreshing fun :)
    loved all

  2. @ urvashi: thanks. glad u liked it :-)

  3. @ mahesh and anuppie: thanks a lot :)


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