April 20, 2010

Newspapers - has the mighty fallen?

With the world wide web in our fingertips today, the once mighty daily newspaper powerhouses faces stiff competition. In this 21st century, where the world waits for no one, people do not have the luxury of sitting on the porch and read newspapers from front to back. Gone are the days when we used to read or rather watched our dad read the newspaper on the front lawn with up cup of tea in his hand! Those days can only be revisited in those classic hollywood movies where theses scenes have been stereotyped for all eternity. In this electronic age, a beep on the mobile or a few seconds on the internet delivers us all the news we need from anywhere in the world. Oh i know! I brought the BlackBerry for exactly the same reason. Little did i know it would cost me daily gprs charge!

Anyways, in most rural and urban areas, newspapers still dominate as the bringer of world news. With newspapers being printed in thousands of languages, people living in even the most remote places today are connected to the world. Is Honolulu remote?? Indeed newspapers have brought the world much closer. 

Though in this digital age, cable television and internet provide with the swiftest news possible, majority of the people still depend on the morning newspaper to start their day. I remember my childhood days when dad used to force me to read the editor's section atleast when i was only interested in the sports page and the comics section! Though newspapers today may not enjoy the success they achieved about a decade ago, powerful and distinguished distribution publications like 'The SUN' and 'The New York Times' are still going strong and probably will for another two-three decades.

Newspapers will survive. A gut feeling mostly! The next generation will still read them as i did. One thing i can vouch for is that i will be one of them....stil reading...still being motivated and inspired.


  1. ohh ask someone who si addicted to the "khoborer kagoj" ( as said in bengali) paper makes me believe the day has begun, not the e version of it..naahhhh

  2. Yes newspapers will survive...there is something wonderful about relaxing, while reading the paper and drinking a cup of coffee that I love.

    Smooches darling, nice post!
    Sassy Chica

  3. hhmm..rite the newspapers r losing teir imp a little i nthis digital world...but they cant be replaced by any other medium whatsoever....This is what I believe.. :)

    Nice take.. :)

  4. So very true !! But newspapers have already on firm roots , so though technology ( internet n mobile ) have been growing rapidly , they still are the most fav of Indian men ...accesible to go a calmer place , than their wife's chatter :P


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