April 20, 2010

The Grass Is Always Greener On The Other Side...Or Is It?

It does not matter how beautiful the fence is, or how wide the space it encloses in is, the colors outside of the fence are always brighter. The paths and the places the paths lead to, enshrouded in the cloak of optimistic expectations and imagination beckon us to walk on, past the carefully posted pickets and come closer. I suppose it could be because ignorance leaves a lot of room for imagination. Perfection may be impossible to achieve but it is easy to dream about. All that is prohibited acquires a silver fantastical sheath merely because it is forbidden, because it's put up on a shelf and cannot be had. It is safe to imagine the extent of its beauty, the magnitude of its splendor. It's so much fun to play around with the delicious thoughts of breaking the rules, the thrill of crossing barriers and jumping fences.

I have such a short attention span and even if I am surrounded by shiny objects, my eyes eventually fall on those that aren't mine, can't be mine. Then there is the element of curiosity. The satanic question 'why' zooms around in the mind in all kinds of prodding pricking phrases, accompanied by 'what's and 'how come's. If it is lying there in my way I might step over it, but if it is wrapped in brown paper and shoved under the bed, my neurons will ignite with unbearable curiosity which would be very, very hard to subdue.

The grass may be greener on the other side, or it might not be. The important thing is it looks like it's greener and if you've walked for too long on your own patch of grass, it appears to be rather old and yellow - merely because you've been pacing across it for quite a while. It can be because you are an egotist and you just cannot stand the thought of there being something, or someone you're not permitted to have. When it's all about you and it's not so much about the enticing attributes of the forbidden object but the maddening thought that it is you who cannot have it.

Man's existence is so much more exciting because of his instinct to reject that which is offered to him and want that which is kept away.

- The Lover @ SoulIntoxicated

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  1. Lovely .....I loved the play of words sooooo very much ..beautifully written ..too good ...The last line said it all , but still I wanted to say - this grass so very much greener with full of life ! :) Excellent !


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