April 22, 2010

butterflies, dinosaurs, and babies

You leave me
dreaming half-awake after you’ve said goodnight
lost in a day-dream
hearing you speak
of pretty things and what you think is beautiful
in this world we’re all just pretty flowers
stuck in the ground just pretty on the outside
but truly hopeless and thoughtless and unable to move.

But you float above
like a butterfly gliding in the same wind
that I can’t overcome
And I would fight with monsters and men
if the cause was worth dying for

but I don’t have the strength to fly like you.

Flying free of cares
you draw your beauty across the skies
painting them a different shade of blue
the same blue it must have been long ago
when dinosaurs reached that high
with their long necks and used clouds
as pillows to take midday naps.

If only life now were that simple
and we still took naps in the afternoon
like we did when we were kids
Adventurers new to life and its details
all the small shiny objects
that shine less and less the more we learn
the older and colder we grow
with the child inside of us crying
fading farther and farther
until we forget.

But you never forgot
and you help me remember
how it was when everything was a blur

blissful and beautiful

and I want to be there again
floating in the air above green meadows
gliding in the wind, trying to reach the sky.
And I want to fight for that
so there will be no more
babies crying, unsure of time
hopeless and afraid
that one day they’ll be unable to move in the wind

and like grass they’ll be left swaying in the breeze
dreaming of the beautiful things they might never see.

The beautiful things that I see now
as I’m dreaming of you.

Photo:http://www.flickr.com/photos/marilynjane/ / CC BY 2.0


  1. *so* beautiful. true and well said.. so many things that i thought that only i felt, and could not say.. so well said. Congrats! and thanks, for sharing.

  2. So very beautiful !! Lovely poem ..When I looked at the title , it sounded bit weird , but all 3 things have been woven beautifully :)

  3. thanks adreamygal, i asked a friend of mine for ideas for a poem and she said, "I like butterflies... oh and babies... and dinosaurs!" It wasn't helpful at first until i started thinking about her later when i was alone. I had a small crush on her.

  4. supa like...
    such an awesome poem..
    its so deep...
    keep posting..
    truly marvellous


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