April 29, 2010

Love Happens?

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She walked through he door
Looking for someone
I turned and looked at her
She was still searching for that someone
Then she looked
She smiled
I smiled back
Our eyes met
She slowly walked towards my table
"Hi, I'm Lara" she said 
I knew that time
That she, was the one for me
But she just thought of me as a friend
Over the years we became the best of friends
But never did it go further
Till today I still wait 
For us to become what we should have long before
For Love to Happen 


1 comment:

  1. You know..love happens n some of the strangest forms I know. Sometimes the first look is all it takes or sometimes it takes years to find something that you already had.

    I have been in love before. And trust me it took me just one glance to know he was "the One". But I am no less similar thn you. I still wait.

    I am with you on this poem.


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