April 29, 2010

Street Forty Six

Those innocent eyes
That sweet lips
He observed every movement of hers
Where she went
When she sat
What she ate
Most of all when she was alone
He had resisted his thirst for over twenty five years
All those years he felt like pouncing and biting her neck
Oh the blood would taste lovely and sweet
He was sure of that
But in all these years 
Not once had he the guts to do that
Today was the day
He closed his eyes
Gave himself away to his senses
And cornered her in street 46
He moved closer
He didnt know what the look on her face was
But if he saw her he wouldn't be able to do it
He slowly moved towards her neck
The fragrance of her blood
He bit into her neck
And she was forever gone
He now looked at her
He felt himself cry
She was gone,
And now he wanted her back...

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