March 8, 2010

Happy Womans Day!

*Sandeep logs in to gtalk and the moment he does, gets a buzz from Ste*

Ste: Anna!! What's up?

Sandeep: You tell me. How'z Pune shaping up?

Ste: What yar! Work life is tough

Sandeep: I told you so

Ste: Our baby WL is back on track again

Sandeep: With the family values so strong, its bound to!

Ste: It's been so long we met

Sandeep: Seriously maccha!

Ste: I am so happy today

Sandeep: I know. I know.

Ste: I have tears in my eyes. Tears of sheer joy.

Sandeep: I know. I understand.

Ste: I won't regret dying any moment now.

Sandeep: I know. I understand. I appreciate.

Ste: Today is my best day ever!

Sandeep: Wow! I never knew you missed me so much dude

Ste: Gone mad! Not you. Its Womens Day today and all the chicks here in office are in Sari bro. And that girl, Kanagakumari Saundarya Icchippatanaappuram Iyer. She looked at me and smiled. I don't mind dying any moment now. She's WOW! My tam ma'am

*Happy Womans Day to all you beautiful ladies out here with us on WL. You make this place what it is! Men's dont worry, we will have our Happy Men's Night soon! :-) :P*


  1. Yey...good post in honor of women...;)

    Ste huh!

  2. he he...guys...its just a figment of my imagination....nothing like this happened btw :P :P :P :P

  3. i knew it never happened the moment i saw this convo mails...typical writeups of u both....seems old day r back :P

  4. haha.... nice one Sandeep :) :)

    Happy Men's Night... do let us know wen u celebrate it..I would wish u:P :P


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