March 8, 2010

I wanted to Experience 'It'..!! - 55 Fiction

All the girls in my class were talking about it... I wondered what was so special.

That evening, I told Di about it. She exclaimed,"Happens.. Common in teenage.. Nothing is real.. It's all Fantasy...Stay out..!!"

But I was anxious. Stealthily, I went to the old book store and got my first MILLS & BOONS..!! ;)

P.S. :- A small attempt to write about one of my teenage fantasies. So was MILLS & BOONS a part of your growing up too...??? (Of course, this is for all the females on this blog ...!! ) :P :P

Wish you a very Happy Women's Day...!!!


  1. well written.. made me smile..remembered my teenage years..:)

  2. I grew up in a small town where Sidney Sheldon was considered erotica and was exchanged strictly among us girls! Sigh.. How fun :)

  3. I was one, tooo....way back 25 years ago...huh! am i too old na?


  4. I only read a few of those, less than five, maybe... Our library didn't have them. But I enjoyed those few I came across.
    Hey, try Jodi Picoult, she writes just so GOOD.

  5. @SP : Thanks..... :)

    @RepublicOfChic: hmmmm.... exchanged strictly...yeah Sidney Sheldon has been one of my favourties too cos even I hv nt read much of MILLS & BOONS..

    agree wid the fun part 2 ...its really enjoyable :)

    @Amity: hmmm..u too had read

    No...not old at all...cos even then there is a common thread binding us.. :)

    @Nic: Hey thnks.. i'll surely try to find n read Jodi Piccoult... :)


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