January 2, 2010

The Requiem..!

Tell me what has become of me?
I see the green but I don't see the red,
Silent dreams that are left unsaid.
My dreams have faded black.
I am left aside, put in the limelight,
and left aside again.
Oh! the path seems lonely,
My Lord heal the hurt and pain.
I lose my pride bit by bit,
In that moment that crept by.
I long for that feeling,
That feeling of eternity.
My soul seems unrest and grieving.
By the constant lack of sensibility.
Wonder if I have lost the reason,
to everything and for everyone.
I saw you cry,
I saw you survive.
But I am barely through.
I dig my way in most of the time.
Hope you don't mind.
After all I become blind.
from time to time.
As days pass by,
I realise, there is more to me than my pride.

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