December 3, 2009

Love at first snow!

When i reached my stop, I exchanged a shy look with Joshua. His deep blue eyes have left me numb since the day i saw him. Now i knew, why all the drama about my dressing this early morning. Joshua was back to office after a very long vacation. I wished he didn't get engage to some one during his vacation. So as i sat beside him waiting for the bus, i checked his finger. When his honey filled voice called my name, Hey Zoeeeeeeee, i smiled. I started blabbering about everything that happened in his absence.

That's when the bus arrived. We both boarded the bus. I was shy to sit beside him. My loss was her gain. A young beautiful girl sat beside him. Which made m jealous as hell. and my mind stopped working, I was not sure if my heart was working. That's exactly when i realised two things, that i am madly in love with him and its freezing cold outside.And i am dressed for summer. Huh! The castle i built in the air vanished just like the air. I hit the rock bottom.

The whole day in my work place i was not sure if i knew what was going on around me. I was completely lost.I just wanted to go home and cry loudly. I left office early. As i stepped outside i saw the snow flakes.The first snow fall of the year.The beautiful snow didn't change my mood.I sat alone in the bus. Slowly the bus started getting filled. I saw Josh getting in. When he sat beside me i didn't know how to react.
I felt warm sitting beside him. When i saw his smile, i forgot that i was angry. He started telling me about his trip. When we got down, he asked me if i would like to walk with him. I nodded my head in response. He laughed at me, and gave me his coat. As we walked he held my hand.I was not quite sure what was happening. We sat by the tree side. The view was breathtaking.

He said, Zoe, "she is not my girl friend".
My face went all red. He took my face in his hands and kissed me on my lips.

I felt warm and safe in his arms. My Love at first snow!
Word Count: 398.


  1. How nicely mentioned that Josh understood her feelings when he says "She isn't my girlfriend"...

    Good one (Y)

  2. @Varun
    Hehehehe yea he is very smart indeed :p

  3. @h
    hehehe tats chooo cheet "h" =_=

  4. @Appu
    Hey girlie thanx a lot..


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