December 3, 2009

“I never did abandon you”

‘Father, why have you abandoned me?’
His pleas went unheard. None of his friends stood by him. The promises of giving up their lives for his sake, were broken without even so much as a thought and they all abandoned him, each lucky to save his own skin. Guilt would overtake them later, and they would hang themselves from the branches of dead trees. But he forgave them all. He was after all not like any other man.
And while they shouted, ‘Traitor! Satan!’, there were other plans for him. Three days later, he would rise and meet his father and he would then rest in peace.

I saw this vision, as I lay hurdled among the rocks. As far as my eyes could see, was the endless white of snow and ice. Even the light breeze felt like the edge of a dagger piercing my skin. My friends had left me here. I could not walk any longer and none of them was strong enough to carry me down through dangerous tracks that ended abruptly in crevices and valleys. ‘Each man to himself, mate’, was what I had heard about people who came this high in the wilderness in the cold. And so I sat, shivering and dying. I then did the only thing I knew I could do. I prayed. I have always been a non-believer and I wondered if there was any reason for the Lord to change my belief right then.
In desperation I cried, ‘Father, why have you abandoned me?’ I remember the chill, outside first, then in my bones, then in my heart and then it stopped. And as the vision ended, I saw my maker. I smiled then, for knew that my real winter was here.

Post Script:
I wonder how I got to the hospital. People tell me that I had walked in on my own but I’m certain someone had come this far with me. As for, whether I forgave my friends… Well, I admit, I’m just human. So yes, I did forgive them. Guilt and abandonment are heavy burdens indeed. Just that they are not my friends anymore. As for thinking that it was my real winter, I just didn’t how right I was, back then. It indeed came with Christmas and all.



  1. Good one.. some situations in life make us question our own beliefs :)

  2. Similar to biblical account of Christ's passion, is it not? Father indeed did not abandon him.

  3. @ varun... exactly where the idea came from...i watched the passion of the Christ a couple of days ago...and the thought just lingered...

    @west wind... that's just how it is, isn't it?


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