December 4, 2009

The Danish Open

The evening sky smiled as the players left for the center court.It was the final leg of the Danish Open where world number 1 Rader was going to face Vivian Songs.Rader was Vivian’s childhood hero.He grew up learning a lot from Rader.

A crowd of 5000 assembled to witness the greatest match of the Danish Tennis history.Every emerging player would dream to play with his idol,but today it was a dream come true for Vivian

“Don’t worry Viv ,you’ll win ,”I said to him. This was his comeback tournament after winning the Mexican Open.I was serving as a ball girl for the MTA. The Association would utilize us for major tennis event. Vivian may not be famous ,but his skills inspired me.I would love to confess that I had a crush on him since day 1 of the Mexican open.I just wished to see him winning the trophy. I would stare him from the ground where we were posted. He won the tournament and my heart. Later, the same evening he confessed his love for me. I was shocked and perplexed. It was an unexpected gesture.

“Are you kidding me Sir?,” I asked Viv.

“No girl,seriously,” He replied.

It was a dream for any girl to marry a popular person. Viv may not be popular but I was sure that he would be. He was just 19 and an emerging player.

We started hanging out together.It was a cold night and we were at the Costa beach.

“Isabelle,I want to marry you baby,” he said with a soft voice.

“Umm,I want to but I have to complete school,” I smiled back.

“Promise me that we will tie knots only after you win any major tournament,” I said and our lips locked.

It was winters in Denmark.The match was probably delayed because of heavy snowfalls. Finally at 7pm the match started. Viv went on to win the first set.The game was stopped for few hours owing to cold weather condition. Later on when it started again ,Viv was at the backfoot. Rader won the next two sets. The final set was decisive and everything depended on the crucial tie breaker.Danish crowd supported Viv ,but Rader was the favourite. Rader went on to win the tournament. My face got drenched with tears. I hugged Viv as to soothe him

“Its all in the game,you’ve the potential to be a champion,” Rader said to Viv and left.

Word count : 400

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