November 11, 2009

Rose of suicide

Rose of suicide

I sang all night, the night I cried,

I cried whole night, the night I died.

As I woke up, I could see my own body,

It felt little giddy, it felt real shoddy.

I went up and down, I went here and there,

I found myself hanging, in the soaking thin air.

I saw no long tunnel, I saw no bright light,

I ventured in the air like the freshly cut kite.

Then I saw a lake, a green fake lake,

Was it real lake or a cake angels bake?

I saw little angel, like a soft puppy,

Her eyes were slim, her lips were sloppy

Her wings where white, here eyes were green,

She was the cute fairy of my quintessential dream.

We saw the pink sun, we saw the grey showers,

On the bank of the lake we talked for hours.

“You hear the bells toll, you hear the black crow,

It’s been a long time, you must now go.”

“Take this red rose”, her sweet words said,

“Smell, this and I’ll come to you, if you feel sad”

She took me to a cliff, and shoved me down,

I crashed on my head, but I woke up in my bed.

No it wasn’t me, I wasn’t any dead.

It was my cute and lovely dream, which died instead.

I felt so lonely, so teary so low,

And so as I felt that, I had never felt so.

I took a decision, I picked the sharp knife,

To meet her again, I ended my life.

And then I started singing, I hummed all night,

The night I cried, was the night I died.


  1. Sigh... that was a touching but t the same time, a heavy read.. But definitely a brilliant piece.

  2. Thanks a lot for your comment madam :)

    i tried in vain to row,
    but the boat floweth away
    i tried to write it in a flow
    but the flow breaketh away . . .

  3. “Smell, this and I’ll come to you, if you feel sad”..and then....when he was at his saddest, he took his life just to be with her!

    Sad, so sad! .....

    but an amazing read. liked it sooo... much except in taking his life. Gross!


  4. @Amity Me

    Always feels nice to have some thoughts on one's work. Thanks a lot for your comments. :)

    As for his dying part:

    Well he loved her
    when he cherished her,
    the life for him was nothing
    but an empty metaphor . .

  5. Varun;

    do visit my place also at

    see you there...:)

  6. @Meow

    Thanks a lot for reading and putting in your comments :)


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