November 12, 2009

You can die!

You can die!

You can die, very well die. You can be killed. In a busy market, while watching a cricket match in a stadium, while in a crowded bus. Its truth, just think of it, it’s very much possible. There is no pattern, no type, class or religion to income group as regards to people getting killed. They just got killed. Yes you might be earning well, you might preparing for some special exam, you might taking a course in some college, you are about to be married or you might be settled with kids. You might have many future aspirations. But what if you or some loved one of yours gets killed. What if you or your loved one gets amputated, blinded, handicapped for life?

These questions might seem to you as the ones that arouse bad and sad feelings in you, but it is a reality that you or your loved one can very well die any coming day, in a terror attack. All your plans for a good life, all your thoughts for a bright future for yourself or/and your loved ones, will be gone.

What are you going to do? Stop going to busy markets or stop travelling in crowded buses, can you afford that? Yes a little amount of cowardice is required.

You can say, what can we do, we are helpless, we cannot take a gun and go on roads. You can sit and watch TV, surfing through news channels and watching politicians and news presenters saying all sorts of things.

You can surf internet and read news, so as to what was the progress in ongoing terrorist investigation.

Don’t blame politicians please, they invest so much money to win, should they not be corrupt to recover the money? Some of us go to vote for money, some of us for false ideologies (bhai hum toh is party ke janamjaat supporter hain, ya hum toh us party ko hi vote karte hain), some of us vote for caste, some for religion, and most of us do not vote. Sorry to those few, who vote for genuine reasons, Sorry guys, you are a minority. With such a voting distribution, what do you want from politicians? Development, security? When our intent is not correct, how will we choose leaders with correct intent.

Now you are going to ask, Mr. Writer, you write so much, what is a solution, should we go on roads and protest, make politicians responsible and all that. NO, do not think about that at first.

There is just one thing you can do, just pledge, just swear on your loved one’s name, just swear on whoever/whatever you cherish the most, that is YOU WILL NEVER FORGET THIS TERRORIST ATTACK AS IF YOUR SOME LOVED ONE REALLY LOST HIS/HER LIFE, if you could just do this, just remember how we were humiliated on 26 November of 2008, how some animals came and killed some of us and went, not because we are incapable in any way, but because we forget that there was a attack before, and not long ago.


  1. we can't escape death if it's our time, though we may be even in the safest place...

    but this terrorist attack? the perpetrators are just as evil as anyone can think of...

    let's just pray to God that He will give us the needed world peace to spare anyone or everyone of untimely death...

    good reminder Varun!

    please visit my place sometime...:)

  2. is remembering a soulution?
    writing about such a thing compels the reader to expect an answer. Like it's better to not express it if you don't know the solution. That is why i refrain from writing about poverty, corruption and likewise, because I really can't do anything about it right now. If i can someday then I'll "earn" my write.


  3. @Amity me

    Thanks a lot for your comments. By your place means your blog? sure I will read into. :)

  4. @h

    This is where you erred a little in interpreting me my friend.

    Remembering is not a solution. But by remembering I did not mean just having a reminiscence of the incident. But the remembrance should be strong enough to affect out future decisions. It should remind us again and again how vulnerable are we and how ineffective a government and a system was in preventing such an attack.

    This is not a solution but may be a step towards betterment. Because one thing which we should know is that there are certain situations for which there are no clear cut tailor made solutions.

    Hope you understand me.

  5. now- u remember everything

    10 days later- u keep on remembering

    20 days later..don't forget at any cost

    30 days later

    Bomb blasts...we all die

    what's the point?

  6. Ok friend, you have taken a pledge to forget and move ahead, good for you.


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