November 23, 2009

The End.

He smoothed the table cloth with his hand. He moved the wine glass a bit.
He lit the candle and waited for the entire match to burn out.
He glanced across the open terrace and signaled the waiters to empty the place.
He would handle it all by himself. He had dreamt of this moment for the past 6 years ever since they had started seeing each other...
The ribbon on the box holding the ring was beautifully tied and he smiled at the thought of how beautiful the ring would look on her delicate finger...

The night was getting cold...he's palms sweaty and his watch showed that she was late by an hour and 19 minutes. The watch was her first gift to him...5 years 7 months ago.
He din't want to call up and spoil things tonight.
He stood up and walked along the border of the terrace of the 23 floor high restaurant.
The fencing was low...He noticed. Very low.

She was now late by an hour and 42 minutes.
He stood there, hands in his pockets, toying with the ring box.
Precisely 2 minutes later the door to the terrace opened and he saw her being led inside by the head waiter...
She looked dazzling in a green outfit that made her seem like an emerald on fire, she'd always been this beautiful, since the first time he ever saw her. Their first date...The first time they held hands...The first time she had ruffled his hair and smiled her cutest smile...The first time he had wrapped her in a warm embrace...The first time they...
Shutting clich├ęd thoughts out of his mind he smiled at her...din't he just love her or what?

She din't smile back. She waited for the waiter to leave. Then she walked over to him with a grim face. He tried hard not to appear anxious. He took her hand in his. Their cold hands worried him. He had to break the unspoken tension that suddenly seemed to envelope them. He could wait no more. He guided his other hand into his side pocket to draw the ring out...the beautiful ring.

She cleared her throat. Without any more building up, she said..."Honey, I know its too late, but, I wanted to tell you that..." She trailed off...

"Tell what?" His voice quivered under the strain of this pause...

"That...that I dont think this...this thing between us in going to work out anymore..." She stared intently at her feet.

There it was. Within less than a minute his world crumbled down. Like a cookie. He could feel her cold hand in his ice cold hand. No. His hands were no more ice-cold. He was burning from within. Could she feel it? Did she even care? She hadn't even bothered to look into his eyes while she mouthed those venom laced words...

She...was...a...bitch. He thought. 6 years. She'd been a bitch. A nasty woman. Who played with his feelings.

With nothing else to say He placed an arm on her shoulder. She looked up. He realized she was about to say something more...This time He wouldn't let her.

He had waited for too long...waited today, waited all these years, waited all his life...

He pushed her. A slight push worked. The low fencing helped. The last he saw of her was the green flimsy material of her outfit flying in the air and her shocked face. She never had looked this beautiful before. The last look. The ring box tumbled from his hand and went down 23 floors just after her...She could keep it for herself, He thought.

And as she hit rock bottom, moments before her skull exploded into a million pieces and her blood flowed free...Her last words were..."But...I...was...simply...kidding..."

Would he ever know?


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