November 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Aks & Steph

Today, 24th November, is the birthday of two of our members. Both are quite good friends of mine. 

The first, Akansha aka Aks is one of the more silent members here at WL, very talented at poetry and prose and she gives more of a tadka in her works. She's very friendly, easy to talk with, the happy-go-lucky type! :)  Wishing her a TADKAFUL happy birthday and many more to come.

The second, Stephen aka Solli aka Steph aka (I cant list all his nicknames, the guy's too popular! :P) is the Lounge bossman, founder etcetc.. (I think today is one day I can safely call him that). His writes are known world over so its not at my level to praise him. His poetry, though not known that well, is a good strong part of his blogging too. He's the one who got me to these hallowed halls of TWL. Wish you a non-solitary happy birthday, Solli :)


  1. Happy Birthday Ste dear :) and hugs :)

  2. Happy Birthday Akanksha :) hugs to you too :)

  3. Wish you both a very joyous happy b'day....many many happy returns of the day..hav a blast..:)
    u rock..!!!!!

  4. Happy, Happy Birthday to both of you!

    Ste, I saw that shout-out of you at gtalk, didn't know it was you who's having a birthday coz you said a friend's bday!!!!

    I want a slice of that cake from Leo's!

    I will forever remember your birthday coz it's just a day after my 1st year anniv at bloggerville!

    Toss to many more years to both of you, though am not so familiar with Akansha!


  5. aye aye
    happy bday aks...i barely know u though its time we know each other
    have a rocking day

    and ste, kya batau bhai? well didn't know him well for the first 2 months when i joined in april. But after that lol, he has become a great friend, more like a partner-in-crime. :) :D
    Farmville se mafia wars tak, guest poetry se late night group google chatting tak, from giving non-offendable gaalis to non-veg sms tak...lols....
    happy bday bro :)

  6. Happy wala bday dear Ste and Aks :) God bless ya !

  7. Ste...we all are here to wish you bday!! Go and wear something kanna...atleast put a nappy on!! bday does nt necessarily mean that you have to be in your bday suit tamilmagan!

    Nyways......happy bday!! :-)

  8. Aks......happy pulling legs fr you....will be decent fr a change :P :P....happyyyyyyyyy buddayyyyyyyyyyyyy

  9. Happy Birthday Stibu, and Aks..Have a great day. Very good dedication Leo.. :)

  10. Haapy birthday Akanksha n Ste..!!Enjoy..!! :)

  11. Happy B'Day to Ste n Akanksha...

    Hv a gr8 year....

    God Bless U...Hv fun..!! :)


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