November 23, 2009


This Sunday I decided to visit the Laundromat, Princeton, NJ as I had a fortnight’s clothes to be washed. As the weather was so very bright with excellent sun shine, I set off at 8AM. The washing and drying took around an Hour and a half and I just sat there waiting. While I waited my mind started pondering on a curious thought. How it would be if we also can wash our sins periodically and come out clean. Why cant there be a method to erase all our hatred and avarice and become friendly and humble. Perhaps we may find one such device sooner or later and change the way we live and behave.
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  1. there is a way... realization that u sinned and trying your best to correct it or ask forgiveness for it !

  2. whoa!! realization at a laundromat?? lols :)
    wish we had laundromats here. Reminded me of the FRIENDS episode :)

  3. Very idealistic thought, I wish there was no avarice and hatred in first place.


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