October 28, 2009

T'was a bad hair day...

I was asked yesterday to transact official business today at the Governor's Office in Tuguegarao City which is a four hours drive from our place. Our service vehicle has to leave at 5:30 AM in the morning. I woke up at 4:30 AM so I have one hour to prepare myself and have breakfast but....t'was a mess, a bad start because instead of proceeding to have my breakfast and take a bath after, I still opened my laptop and checked on my mails and sent someone a short message and what happened? You might be shocked:

Beep...beep...beep....went the service vehicle in front of our house and I was still in front of my lapi! I ran to the bathroom and:

- took a 5 minutes shower;
- brushed my teeth for 1 minute;
- put on my clothes for a bare 2 minutes;
- gulped my one mug of coffee in 30 seconds;
- munched the almost burnt toasted bread I put in the toaster for 1 minute;
- instructed my kids in 1 minute who will also leave in the morning for their enrollment in Baguio City....

Then I grabbed my bag and the folder of documents and ran out of the house and rode inside the vehicle waiting for me with disheveled hair and a not made up face and everybody was shocked to see my present state, until they all laughed together at my sorry state.

I requested the driver to turn on the lights inside as it was still dark so I can comb my hair and put some loose powder on my cheeks and apply lipstick on my lips.

And when the wind blew on my face, I smelt of another fragrance! Oh no! It was my son's perfume that I sprayed on myself? Whaaaa....what a day!!!

This is the first time that this scenario happened in my whole working life and the culprit is: being addicted to blogging!!! I just smiled to myself and ignored their laughters....

P.S. When I arrived from my Official Business, I went to the bank though it was already late ( I took the back door) and I was quite puzzled because when I entered the premises:
  - the guard smiled at me when I passed by him...unusual;
  - the Janitor also smiled at me...really unusual; and
  - the Teller smiled at me...so, so unusual....
because all of them are guys and suddenly, the Janitor chided: "Ma'am we're happy you still come though the bank has already closed because I like how you smell!" Huh! OMG! My perfume??? Oh No! So embarrassing na!


  1. hahaha... Thanks To Blogging..!! :)


  2. Hello Pooja;

    yah, it is...:)

    thanks, too...:)

  3. Ellow Arjun;

    really...and good there's blogging to air some happy troubles we experience in our daily life...:)

    Cheers to you, too!!!

  4. Hi Miss Footloose;

    Tuguegarao City is in the island of Luzon on the northern part of the Philippines...:)

    nice day to you!


  5. Hmm.... even sometimes happens to me wen iget late 4 my colg in the mrng..I just pick up my watch, earrings, comb , pins etc n run..then i get ready on the way...!!!

    funny read..!!! :)


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