October 28, 2009

Little Lost Lives

Little Lost Lives - Arv

She was lost in the woods.

A stray little deer came out into the clearing and grazed close by. She watched it in awe. Soon she spotted a large deer approach and they both walked away.

Her thoughts strayed back home.

If only her stepmother could care for her, she would run back home now.

Note: Thousands of children are chased away from their homes for many careless reasons in our country and around the world. This 55 fiction hopes to give them a little voice.


  1. awww......pooor girl...sad that a developing nation is unable to develop in its mentality and behavior...

    good thought..expressed beautifully

  2. I dread thinking where so amny of them land finally ... sad !

  3. Very sweet one :):) and very touching msg you know ?

  4. Oh... very sad..

    IT was very thoughtful of u to write this piece.. :)


  5. she's trying to find some consolation through the deer she saw in the woods...:)

    animals they are, but she saw how caring they were for each other...:)

    hoping that her stepmom could do just the same...:)

    poor girl really!!!


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