October 28, 2009

2 POint Someone (Season-2) - 2 ..!!

Note- All characters in the story are fictitious. Though we have used some real names, its just intended for fun. So no hard feelings.:) And thanks to Ste for the cartoon.

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Kajal Iyer’s lecture commenced, Prats drowned herself into her text book, Chirag exhibited his teeth, Meow slept like an innocent cat and Rashmi blew paper rockets on to Ste and RJ. Kajal continued, her cheeks turning red- “Talking about Chemistry, it reminds me of my first crush in Primary School. He completely swept me off my feet with his love” she blushed and continued- “and his broomstick. He was a sweeper.” RJ yawned and Ste snored. Ste got lost into his own dreams where he was sorting out a relationship crisis- A triangle love story between him, Avantika Singh (of Headlines Today) and Taylor Swift. Meanwhile RJ felt like a superman with his powers; he just couldn’t listen to Kajal’s lectures. “Oh, damn! This lecture’s so boring” RJ banged his foot and looked out of the window. He spotted Priyanka under the mango tree writing a novel. No, in fact it was a leave letter. Apparently her attendance for the whole year was 6%.

With every minute of Kajal’s lecture, RJ felt the urge to become deaf. Ste, who was still snoring and dreaming, every now and then sleep-talked- “Hey Taylor, shall we name our daughter Avantika?” Anyway, RJ gathered bits of paper, made it into a ball and hurled it at Prats in search for company. Prats, in return, abused him in her style; she showed her text book. RJ then turned to Chirag only to find him staring at the tube light. With a sense of pride, RJ decided not to disturb him and tried looking out for others. RJ then hurled another paper-ball onto Rashmi and she returned a terrifying look- “aagey dekh be.” Ste, in the meanwhile continued with his sleep talks- “Avantika, I’ll marry you next time. Bbyee.”

Suddenly, against the run of play, Urvashi stood and sampled her voice- “Ma’am, I have a question.” Kajal had to pinch herself out of shock. Nobody ever had any questions to ask her in class. All were eager to find out who was that special person who had a question for Kajal. Prats dropped her text book and turned around like lightening. Chirag’s tube light burst and he came back to earth. As though a dog was after her life, Meow woke up in a flash. Rashmi almost fainted. But Ste was still sleeping. He was marrying Taylor Swift as per latest reports. RJ felt the urge to fall onto Urvashi’s feet, for having interrupted the lecture which was apparently putting many lives into jeopardy. Urvashi bit her nails and finally asked- “Ma’am. What’s his name, your first crush, the sweeper uncle?” and Kajal went on for another decade. This discussion had driven RJ completely out of peace and he made a mental note to write to Obama to retrieve his lost peace.

Just as all this was getting unbearable, Mr. RiverSoul (the computer science lecturer with 7 golden teeth) excused himself and entered in. RJ, with a sense of excitement jolted Ste from his sleep. Ste, in a sudden state of shock, having been shaken out of sleep yelled fearfully - “Avantikaaa.. please put that knife down.” The whole class gaped at him against the pin drop silence. An evil smile emanated out of RiverSoul’s jewel box as he said- “It’s you again? Back in action. Where’s the other idiot, your partner in crime?” It took less than a millisecond for all the eye balls in the class to change direction towards RJ. RJ stood; stood like a soldier. Mr. RiverSoul continued- “I came for you both, Arjun(RJ) and Ste. The principal wants to see you. Follow me.”

“Dude, what’s happening?” Ste rubbed his eyes.

“Nothing. Follow Mr. James Bond.” RJ winked.

Outside the principal room they stood wondering what was the fuss about. Mr. RiverSoul had vanished out of sight. They proceeded and opened the door to enter. A man of medium build and good height, neatly dressed and holding a flower in his right hand stood looking out of the window with his other hand on his hip.

RJ and Ste scanned the room with their eyes and spotted a RajniKanth’s real-size poster. Just then, the principal’s cell phone rang. He dug it out of his pocket, waved to someone outside the window and began- “Balan…… Sandeep Balan.”


  1. hehe u made me romance with taylor nd avantika....damn..hope this dream comes true....i am actually smiling nicely done daaa next part it wd be fun...sandeep balan hahaha the funny bone lolzzzzz

  2. @fl

    U'll make an entry... soon ...

    More u bug ste, the sooner the job will be done.. :P


    haha.. enuf of dreaming... or rather.. just keep dreaming.... ;)

    U and ur taylor swift... :P


  3. is this fictitious or real?

    you seem to enjoy writing posts like this...:)

    enjoy buddies!!!


  4. he he...good one Raapchik Jawaani aka RJ

    :-) :-)

    make ste strip on halloween and let the world see his fruity boxers ;-)

  5. i will make sandeep strip on halloween hehehe :p nd evry1 will see his boxers lol

  6. @Sandeep... If he wears one that is?? :P

    @ste.. only ur boxers has fruits on them.... So strip.. or wear ur boxers outside ur pants like superman... ;)

  7. abe saale tere munh mein broomstick :-P and advice to the avantikas of the world ste away from ste if you value your sanity :-P

  8. for how long m i gonna be the studious nerd ???? :P

    btw.. balan wd a flower !!! thats was awesome !!!!

  9. hmm...liked the sequel... Me askin question...aww......!!thts ws cool...!!!! :)

    Waiitng for more..!!! :) :)


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