October 26, 2009

Missing you..

To the love of my life..

A n a N y A

Standing at the window,
Looking at the rain,
My heart's beating fast,
I'm going insane..

Closing my eyes,
Watching you smile,
I wink at you,
I jump like a child..

Touching the orchids,
I feel your hand,
I'm flying in love,
I see no land..

The fragrance you wear,
Makes me mad,
Lightens my mood,
When i'm sad..

Your gorgeous smile,
Your soft touch,
Your sweet fragrance,
I miss them so much..

I can't stay away,
I want to be near,
With you in my heart,
There's nothing I fear..

Killing the distance,
To you I want to run,
The fire of love,
Will burn the sun..

Close to you,
I'll hug you tight,
I'm not sleepy,
I'll look at you all night..

The most lovely moment,
What a night,what a life,
It's going to be real lovely,
With you as my wife..

Missing you baby..
I love you the most..;-)..


  1. excited for the coming baby huh!

    my warm wishes...:)

    good morning...:)

  2. :) Very chweeeeeet :) hope Ananya loves this too :)

  3. @Amity..Thank you so much..:-)..

  4. @Meow..Something straight from the heart has to be sweet..;-)..Thanks.:-)..
    And yeah Ananya loved it..:-)..

  5. @Aparna..Well written for the perfect girl..;-)..
    Thanks so much..:-)..

  6. That was really so loving!!

    God bless you both and Make you guys meet soon :)

    P.S. Missed your works bro.. Now I am happy :)

  7. Hey nuchu thanks a ton sis..I never knew someone missed my works too..Now that i know..I'll be more regular with them..:-)..
    Thank you so much for your wishes..:-)..

  8. Welcome bro.. Keep Loving Bhabhi more and write more! :)

  9. did u sing this for her ?? that would have been perfecto !

  10. @Vidisha..Hey thanks..!!..:-)..

  11. @PS..Hey..That's a really great idea..She'll totally love it..:-)..


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