October 24, 2009

Innocent Lover 1

**This is a work of fiction.All the pictures are taken from DEVIANTART & Gettyimages.This is a fiction based on the writers creative mind and imagination.It has nothing to do with anyone living or dead. :P

13th July,1994 ,London.

Professor Richard Jennings and his team consisting of 2 members were waiting to meet the London city Mayor.
"You can go in ," the associate in charge of the Mayor office asked Prof Jennings and his crew to meet the Mayor.

"Prof Jennings,I am afraid that we are not in a position to accept these policies,"The Mayor Miss Jesse Thompson said to the Professor.

"You know we have to take into consideration the various facts and consequences of your project," She added.
"But Ma'am I can assure you that we will take care of it and make sure there are no loopholes,"Professor Jennings and his crew members said.
"You may leave now, Sorry!"Miss Jesse replied.
This was the 7th time that the Mayor had refused to approve their research project regarding the construction of an automated Robot which can impersonate human beings and interpret them.
Every time Prof Jennings solicited the city mayor so as to get their research approved,but she refused to accept it
For the last 1 year Prof Jennings and his team comprising of Prof Gita Vasu and Prof John William had roved the Mayor office to and fro for their work. But each time disappointment awaited them. They had to travel all the way from Taunton to London to meet the Mayor,who was the city incharge.
Prof Jennings and his team worked in the Clarkson University at Taunton.They were senior professors in the Department of Physics and Mechanics. The University had offered them various grants in order to accomplish the research task .

Mr Gilberg, the Chancellor of the University presided the team.He effectively encouraged and supported Prof Jennings and his team. He failed to understand that Miss Jesse Thompson wouldn't budge.

Prof Jennings had a strong dislike for London. He believed that people of that city were mean and selfish.
"We have to visit this frightful city time and again,"Gita Vasu said,
"I always hate doing this," she grimaced.
"Gita, you speak like a grandma," John snickered.
"By the way any idea whats the latest score," John asked.
"John,I believe that we haven't qualified for this years world cup," Gita giggled.
"Oh!Stop it we Englishers are former champions and don't you ever say that coz India is not going to qualify for any FIFA championship atleast for the next 80 years ,"John winked.
"Damn Man! I am an English citizen and don't you say anything about India.I'll kick you," Gita vexed.

"Stop guys, why are you fighting like kids?," Prof Jennings was sounding nervous as he was the only person who was answerable.
"Those Americans are advancing like hell in the field of Technology and Computers and look at us.We are still struggling to get our project approved" Prof Jennings said.

"They are working on "OAK(now called as JAVA)" right now and you know this programming language can create great impact in the recent years to come.We would still be watching. I really admire James Gosling and Patrik,"The professor added.

"Who are those guys?,"John asked keenly.
"They are the master mind behind the "OAK(now JAVA)"," Prof Jennings said with a straight face.
The team left for Taunton. At 4pm they reached the University at Dukesworth.It resembled the white house and was located in a very posh environment.
"Jesse is an idiot,a shtick nut for sure," John said to his team mates as they reached the corridors.
"May we come in,Mr Chancellor," Prof Jennings said to Mr Gilberg with a document on his hand.
The Chancellor shrugged the professors shoulder as he went to greet him.
"I hope its a good news ,guys" Mr.Gilberg smiled.
"Sir ,the Mayor wouldn't grant us permission to do our work," the professor paused.
"Ahh,she is bad,once again a spoilsport," The Chancellor said.
"Our dream of constructing an automated Robot will remain a dream," Prof Jennings said.
"No worries guys,we shall approach the court," Chancellor said.
"No sir,that's not the right move at this point of time.I guess we should give some time," Prof Jennings added.
The entire crew was disappointed and upset.The team head was sounding low and feeble.
"Comrades,I would like you guys to get back to work as soon as possible," The Chancellor said and he left.
"Sure Mr Gilberg," the three nodded their head in unison.

Three of them returned back to their own nest.Prof Jennings had some other plans.He was immersed in his own thoughts as he was driving the car.
"Ding Dong," he rang the door bell as he reached his home.


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