October 26, 2009

How the service providers earn money

"Are you free?"

"I always am"

"I just asked"

"Good you did"

"well let's stop this"

"Stop what!?"

"These meaningless conversations, let's just be clear about where we stand"

"Ya we stand nowhere, you want me to propose to you once again?"

"No I didn't mean that I mean we should not talk everyday, we don't have anything going on right!"

"Ok we will talk once in a week"

"You will only call me ONCE IN A WEEK?"

"See, so just shut up and don't try to change things."

"Are you angry?"

"would it make a difference to you?"

"Maybe it would"

"Maybe it won't"

"Why do you always look on the negative side?"

"I was made this way"


the conversation goes on for one hour. The service providers are the only persons who are happy and content in the end. :)


  1. lolz !!! even though i have had some of these convos .. i hate them later !! total time waste !! n who says u cnt talk daily if there is nothing going between the 2 ppl ?? :P

  2. i agree completly wid prats here...i am dng dis talking from ages..and den when my bill comes i wonder...wat d hell did we talk about...n dats exactly vat we talked abt...

  3. Hehe..True to the core..Nice one..:-)..

  4. completely true... easy way for them to make money...

  5. and in the end, we are the loser huh!



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