October 6, 2009

The Stalker and Me

I think all of us must have seen the Lion King, but did you catch the lion king 1 1/2?Its about Timon and Pumbaa.As the story unfolds it takes us into some some scenes from The Lion King seen from Timon and Pumbaa's perspective.Its pretty funny! Watch it if you haven't already.

The same analogy applies to my experience here at Writer's Lounge.

As i shifted my blog (TSLP) from wordpress.com to wordpress.org , i was lucky enough that followers followed and with in few days traffic was good too.
I wanted more.
How to develop page rank?
Have back links!
My aim of joining Writer's Lounge was simple.Write a post and link it up to my blog and get a backlink.

My first poem was Expectations
I wrote a Post Script telling that my dad followed Ken Keyes
I always write a post script.
You can check my personal blog.

With in a short period I wrote my 2nd poem 'twins'.
Immediately after that i got my first 'stalker card' to leave Writer's Lounge.
I sent it to administration but they just told me to ignore it.
I was not very pleased with the reply.
I was all set to write a scathing blog about it all, unfortunately the moon light contest started.The rule was not to submit anything other than related to contest.
Let's Just say i was pissed!Mad , really, very very mad.
I wanted to write about the stalking cards!!!
So i wrote the poem Anonymously
I forgot to add the post script initially.
Not a single person from 200+ members commented.

The very next day , when i was not angry anymore and refocussed on getting backlinks...i wrote poem Stars
Here I added a Post Script letting people know i am not talking of my own experience.It made me realize that i should have done so for 'Anonymously' too, hence i add there "PS:views of a creepy guy"!!

This made the stalker very very angry.He left his usual guard of sending cards which would hide his IP.He actually visited TSLP and left a threatening comment.
Also de-abbreviating PS in his sickly manner.
I thought ...wow! calling him 'creepy guy' really got to him.
I was all set to send his IP to the cyber safety groups for banning.(i realize he must be sending it from a cyber cafe but with IDs being checked these days everywhere, it would not be long before he was caught.)
Unfortunately my co-blogger unknowingly deleted the comment.

Around the same time i added my photo to my profile.
I guess that or i do not know what, stalker realized i am not his PS.
He never sent me any cards or abusive comments again!

As i participated more and more at Writer's Lounge, it kinda grew on me.
I could feel the sadness. I could feel that it was something magical before.
I also realize that eveny one is very happy with PS's return.

Welcome back!!

I came for backlinks and i found very warm sweet group of friends.

And the alcoholic, depressed stalker that lives here....'come to me' (at TSLP)..i will show you some legal maza!!


  1. shraddha:

    i cried when that stalker you're talking about almost diminished my interests in being active at the Writers Lounge....

    i cried because how could the administration allow such anonymous reader debase their members and i was about to write admin why they do not allow comment moderation...

    i cried and i was really, really hurt am afraid my husband would read it...

    thank you for this post of yours because as i read between the lines, i was guessing that admin is in for an initiation of its new members...

    and shraddha, thank you very much...a few hours back i was contemplating of withdrawing my membership here...but now i know and the other 200 members know that i was being put into an initiation...am i right?

    tears fell, i cursed under my breath, but thanks to you...

    P.S. I was also thinking of removing the P.S. in my post "Rainbow" coz in there i was thanking Solitary Writer.

    I also thought, that stalker was his girlfriend or lover who was hurt when I recognized his effort at encouraging me to be active at the writers lounge.

    again, thank you shraddha!

  2. Amity,

    don't u dare withdraw membership!! :P
    WL admin aren't for debasing members at all, and we have tried to get these anonymous commenters to stay away and stop debasing the posts of our members! enabling comment moderation in a group blog of 100 members is not sound, because admin is not online all the time na...

    if there is anonymous commenting that might be hurting you so badly, i will speak with the remaining admins so as to enable comment moderation. we do not want our members to feel hurt like this... we are not initiating any members like u feel, and we aren't the one making the anonymous comments. you can be at ease about that.

    we want WL to be more active, and flowing like it was some months back, and members like you, Shradds, etc.. who are doing a fantastic job keeping it active and flowing should not be hurt and wanting to leave this blog. i will speak to remaining admins and take up some action soon.



    you are very much welcome to put a post script related to your blog. it is fine. the stalker is not after you or any specific member of this blog, but he/she is looking to get this blog into disrepute. we had been getting bugged by this person way before you joined the Lounge :( and many members had got the mails on a similar basis. we gave a complaint against it too and it was stopped for some time. now it seems to have reared its ugly head again. during the contest, even though WL has 200+ followers, we have just 100 members, most of whom are inactive. very few actually write here, esp. during contest times, and hence ur post was not commented on. i myself returned to WL a day before contest ended, and the comments were restricted to team members only.

    we are indeed glad to see PS back, and thank you for welcoming her back too. we are like a family here, and we are glad you found so many friends here... :)

  3. Thanks shraddha ... for still writing a welcome comment to me .. it means a tonnes .. you might not know .. but i had another blog on wordopress "Water kingdom" .. and u were one of my cherished reader there .. wen that blog too was discovered by the stalker, i went into hiding fr long ... now m no longer afraid to hear the lies abt me ... so m back ... thanks fr ds post !! :)

  4. question: how did u know the stalker was alcoholic? :) just out of curiosity..any more clues of that kind and maybe this person would be caught...

  5. i had the lovely blog award for you dear PS!But you were gone!

    Swaram has very kindly given me 3 awards last week...and on december first when i resume my blog, i will be giving them to you!!

    H: i know he is alcoholic as he wrote a weird rant like poem on one of the comments recently where he confessed to be depressed and said she won't feel empathy even when he had alcohol..

    to stalker: yep! weirdo she is not an enabler!

    Also just for folks here ...i live in US...one of my husband's dear friend started his residency...he has the habit of being very friendly with girls in asexual way....unfortunately an American girl did not like his request of going for lunch together, meeting at gym and other such simple requests.
    She felt he was every where.She felt he was stalking her.

    He was not ofcourse... we know as he is our friend for 10 years.
    But when the girl complained.
    He lost his residency, his visa and is back in india.
    Infact he is a faculty at NIMHANS bangalore.
    He still wishes to come to US and will try next year he says.

    Stalking is not a 20 year old chasing a girl...like bollywood glamorizes...
    Its a very serious crime, next only to rape.
    PS is feeling emotionally abused.
    I know as i myself received few of those cards and comments.
    This is not a joke.
    This is a crime.

  6. Amity me nd other friends,
    comment moderation will be enabled soon...so no worries... nd this is a community of great writers ...so don't even think of leaving the lounge...this has happened many times owing to which the activity here has suffered...its good to work together instead of planning to withdraw member ship..then it will prove that we r afraid of the stalker....who ever the stalker is but m damn sure that he/she is a loser ....nd we all know it well...

  7. prats this is good evidence...
    Shradhha can u mail me the poem
    Very good point made..stalking is a crime!


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