August 21, 2009


She looks at the moonlight
Looking so prefect and ethereal
I watch her from not so far
Taking the perfection in
She has not seen me
But I have touched her anonymously
That snarky email that she got
She must have got so riled
Oh! The picture makes me smile

I watch her
As she looks at the moon
She is not alone
I am always with her
Don’t be scared girl
I only watch you
Sometimes spam you
I want to see the look on your face
When you realize I am real
Would you still look at the moon this way
Or come and hug me
As I am so cool and my love so real

Last one did not get it
The daughter of a whore that she was
She reported me
Took a restraining order against me
My internet provider banned me
It was tough times
But now I have smartened up
I will not do the same mistakes any more
My IP address is hidden
My apartment is rented near you
All suspicions are clear

You will see me as the sweet prince
Who is smart and cool
Who will save you from your boring life
I will be the silver lining that you are looking for
I will be the friend you are craving for

Shraddha@The Self Love Project
Word count: 222

PS: views of a creepy guy


  1. did you win in the contest in this post of yours?

    only a fool could not get the message:)


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