August 22, 2009


Oh! Clouds can you go away
Its the stars that i am looking for
My angel looks down as a star
I lost her when she was just 30 days old
I had premature contractions
She was born too soon
12 weeks was just too early to be born
She stayed in NICU for 30 days of her life
But she could not survive
Doctors and nurses tried so hard
But I lost my child

My life is like you sky
All cloudy with always a hint of rain
I wish my spirits uplift soon
A clear sky would be a boon

I can feel her spirit in clear sky
Its her memory I want to cherish
My sweet little girl born too soon
She was so beautiful and lovely

Shraddha@The Self Love Project

Word count : 132

PS: My own daughters were born 7 weeks early and were in NICU for 3 weeks. With God’s grace they are healthy and happy girls today


  1. realy nice poem shraddha.....i can imagine the feeling of a mother who lost her child....nice...

  2. nice shraddha
    my life is like you sky
    all cloudly with always a hint of rain
    very nice writeeee...

  3. Wow nice one! :)

    Btw, you have twins??

  4. really nice, truly discribes how a mother feels when she looses her child. really nice.
    keep blogging!

  5. What more can describe the beautiful heart which a mother has..She lost her child when she wasn't even born and she's still and may be she'll be always remembering her..I said to my girl once i wish i was a girl..She said why..?..I told her..'because there can be nothing more beautiful than giving life to someone..'..A very touchy thing you've written over here..My regards to you and love to those cute lil twins you have..Keep writing..!!..

  6. Really touching poem! Wonderfully written :)

  7. wow! twins? :) so sweet!


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