August 20, 2009


ABC Round 5 - Prompt E

E is for expectations

I wish to have no expectations
These dream castles that I build
I wish to be just a witness
Be kind and strong willed

Its easy to say
Difficult to do
Expectations are hard to let go

Not get caught up in negativity
Be happy and chilled
Not be so hurried
Let the silence in
Not be the ever dependent fool that I am..

Expectations are hard to let go
But to let go is good for soul
I know it will set me free

I just remember what my daddy said
Past is dead
Future is imaginary
I have everything to enjoy my here and now
I promise to my dad’s soul
I will never forget the lesson that he taught
Even if it is hard , I will try
Expectations bye bye.

Shraddha@The Self Love Project

My dad used to follow 12 pathways of Ken Keyes Jr


  1. no mattr how hard v try trace of xpection nvr leave our hearts..!!..
    ..really nice write...

  2. @bard and@vidisha :thank you for your encouraging words..

  3. nice write up...!!! liked the flow..!!!

  4. Thank you Yamini!!!Its great to get some input!


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