October 17, 2009

My Heartfelt Greetings...!!!

Dear friends and fellow members at WL,

Here I am personally greeting everyone a very “Happy Diwali”. It's a heartfelt greetings from a fellow WL member of pure Filipino race. 

Young and old, rich and poor alike surely take part in this very momentous occasion of yours. It’s one way of keeping your traditions burning and alive and celebrating with pride and honor the significance of it all.

Wow…five days is a sure long days to complete and enjoy the celebration. And I believe that everyone can take a long and happy break from the daily concerns in life, from the daily boring or exciting routines of office and non-office works. 

Wherever anyone of you, be you’re in your beloved country or abroad, am very sure Diwali celebration is a must. It’s like a Christmas and New Year’s holiday, isn’t it? What, with all the firecrackers and a bounty served in every home to be shared by family, relatives and friends…

Someday soon, I wish I can celebrate Diwali with friends, virtual or real. I am quite excited to take part in this unique celebration of yours…

From the bottom of my heart…A JOYOUS DIWALI TO ALL OF YOU!


Amity Me


  1. That was a wonderful Wish :)

    Happy Diwali to you too, Amity :)

  2. heyy..b'ful ya..so sweet to recieve such warm wishes from you..heart full of thanks to u..wish u the same, festival of joy nd happiness..:)

  3. To Steph, Princess Nuchu and Mads;

    ...thank you...thank you....i feel like a happy Indian now...and seem to be celebrating Diwali, too sans firecrackers and a bounty of food...:)

  4. Amity... :) May your wish come true.. yeah! I am inviting you to my place for next Diwali :) :)

    Love ya :)

  5. Meow, my dearest,

    oh really? what do i need? a passport, a visa? is it hard to get a visa?

    please lemme' know and i have 1 year to prepare for it...

    i love you Meow...:):):)

  6. and yes my dear Meow...do come visit my site, too....i would be so proud to have you there...:)


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