October 16, 2009

Happy Diwali

One single impression prompt - Conquer

Happy Diwali to all my family and friends
Do you know the story of Diwali?
It was when Lord Ram
Conquered over evil Ravana
It was the time
He came back from 14 years of exile
His return home was celebrated as 'Diwali' by all.

Photo by Swami Stream at Flickr

Its five days of glorious fun
First day is Dhan teras to prepare for it all.
Second day is Naraka Chaturdasi to start lighting the lamps
Third day is Diwali for all the celebration
Fourth day is Annakut to continue the feasts
Fifth day is Bhayiduj for brothers and sisters to strengthen their bonds

Photo by Siddhu 2020 at Flickr

What is the meaning of this all?
Its triumph of good over evil...
To celebrate the inner light that lies with in us all

Flickr"]Photo by Harpreet Thinking at Flickr

If there was no demon to conquer
What will be Diwali for?
If there was no darkness
What will be the lamps for?


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  1. heyy..nice post..thnx 4 sharing all this info..!!!
    Wish u a vry happy nd bright Diwali..:)

  2. thank you both of you!!!

    Happy Diwali!

    i am still not done with all the rangoli!!

  3. Hi Shraddha,

    very nice and truly an informative post, you've said the significant days in a great 5-days celebration...

    how i wish there would also be diwali here in our place? but...evils of the government seem unconquered...

    and i like how you gave justice to the word Conquer for one single impression prompt...

    written mine last night but very, very simply done...

    Happy Diwali Shraddha...wish ii could take part in your celebrations...


  4. beautiful post...the history woaa

    any way happy diwali shraddha

  5. wow.. very informative post with beautiful pics da :)

  6. Thank you everyone for encouraging words!


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