October 17, 2009

Know your family members@Lounge

*A humble request to everyone who has posted his/her intro as a seperate post today to post a short intro in the comments section of this post as well. We will use the link of this post as a ready reckoner kinds in future. So please ensure that your intro is posted in the comments section of this post as well. Cheers. Had a great time knowing all of you. A big huggg to all of you here*
- Sandeep
To (my) WL family,

(1..2..3.. testing! ehems, yes, pre-logue: friends, hi. this is asbah a. please fasten your seat belts.. and get ready for the dive!)

I've been out of the lounge lately, and on my way back I found it filled with extremely talented, yet new people, and the lounge had become a kaleidoscope of words, imagination, and magical way in which you weave words together. But in the mayhem, as Sandeep says below, the main purpose of lounge lay ignored and rusted. When we, me ste and guru created it, we forsee a large writing family, who experiment, learn, improve and grow themselves and nurture others! for that we put competitions, challenged us with new genres, prose and poetry both. And now i see that the purpose is forgotten again. We need to revive the spirit, hence this post is being dugged up and reposted.

The announcement for today is (hides behind a bullet proof glass room!) that today is going to be introductory! introduce yourself, if you've done so already, visit member's blog, get closer, get connected, share and be shared :). If you had already decided on what you are going to repost today, please add the link to that post in your comment in the comment box of this post, we will surely come and read it.

With lots of love

Time to sit back and relax. We have a lot of people here we dont know, or rather in the mayhem of posting and commenting, havent had the chance to know some of our fellow members here at the Writers Lounge. This is not what we started this lounge for. This was to be a second life for us, a virtual family. And a family can never be strong if the bonds are non existent between the siblings...right!

So go ahead and give us a short introduction in the comments section. Also a small synopsis of your blog with the link. We will try to use this mail as a reference whenever we need to check out on any of the member blogs. And this will be a one stop shop for knowing new members as well. New comers will have to introduce themselves here before they start posting on the lounge. We need to make that a "Writers Lounge Custom"....

Lets know each other better......
Sandeep Asbah Ste


  1. Wow, Thats lovely.

    So, *holds gun and asks*

    anyone here who doesn't know me?

  2. Sandeep Balan here friends....Working with Idea Cellular in Corporate Marketing...Report to the lounge from the financial capital of the country, Mumbai.

    Have been a nomad throughout my life...mumbai, assam, gujarat, pune, delhi, rajasthan n now back to mumbai...life has come a full circle...have formed so many friendships on this journey of mine...writers lounge is adding on to that long list...a mallu to the core, love gorging on non veg and like pulling legs with friends ;-)

    Started blogging around may last year. Have named my blog "yeM Bee yAe". I blog on www.yembeeyae.blogspot.com
    I call it a mallu management graduate's daily dose. It consists of some humourous snapshots from my MBA days, short stories n some short films i made back in college.

  3. Next me.. Rashi.. Generally write as R.V!

    A 20 yr old from Mumbai pursuing TYBA in Psychology (No, I cant read your mind, mine is a handful)

    I love reading. I love music. I love writing.

    I write at Rocky Road (http://lifealame.blogspot.com) which will you more about me than anything I can ever tell you. I've tried my hand at fiction, poetries and I'm open to try new stuff (strictly with respect to reading and writing :P)

    That is it about me I guess!


  4. This is Stephen aka Ste here.....I am a computer engg student and already employed by some IT company......looking forward to join it by august if they call me soon or else some diff plan wud work ;-)

    i love painting,writing,photography and roaming...... i am the co founder of this blog along with sandeep and asbah...... I write a blog called The Solitary Writer....

    I wrote the name just for the sake of writing it and never knew that one day people will know me by this name....

    My blog is a collection of all my poems ,stories and everyday happenings......most of them r humour based posts......i do every thing apart frm studying ...hey and yeah i even study sometimes ;-)

    my blog link is


    i am another small blogger on this blogworld ....

  5. Oh wow, i didnt know we should introduce ourself in such proper manner!

    let me try too:

    Asbah, aka .a. Doing my articles, which is a compulsory part of CA course, from BDO Ebrahem & Co.

    A Girl to a core. Dreamer. Rebel. Narcissist. Story-teller.

    My stories revolve around my Universe. Me. Myself. I.

    Have always been enchanted by words and colors, Started writing at the age of 9 using poems as the medium, and it just grew with time.

    A lot of quantity. Very little Quality, but than thats me.

    Made my first website, made after class 10th when i learnt HTML for the first time (very very im-mature and a typical teen place) Asbah.netfirms.com (presumably it has a virus, open at your own risk ;)..hehe)

    Improvement in the said side was re-launched after having done my FSc in 2004 alaena.netfirms.com
    It also got published in khaleejtimes Dubai.

    Started blogging using Msn Spaces 2-3 years back my first being:


    and then, My not-so-famous brain farts. yes, Charcoal scratch.

    Lives in Islamabad, Pakistan! what else, I write so hell about me that i think nothing is really left to say here :)

    I love this place.

    *another Group Hug*


  6. And here steps in Sans (or so lovingly named as Sanskriti)...

    I'm 22 years as of this moment (and a couple of months over) and I'm currently doing my MBA from IIM Calcutta. So what I'm really doing here is juggling between the hectic load that MBA is supposed to offer and the serenity that writing brings to me. I happened to stumble across WL from Pretty Prats blog so if anyone is ever glad of my presence here I owe it to Pratibha.

    Hoping that this place turns out to be just as fab as i can gleam from the posts before me.

    Here is where i ramble...

    Cheers to the club :)

  7. And here steps in Sans (or so lovingly named as Sanskriti)...

    I'm 22 years as of this moment (and a couple of months over) and I'm currently doing my MBA from IIM Calcutta. So what I'm really doing here is juggling between the hectic load that MBA is supposed to offer and the serenity that writing brings to me. I happened to stumble across WL from Pretty Prats blog so if anyone is ever glad of my presence here I owe it to Pratibha.

    Hoping that this place turns out to be just as fab as i can gleam from the posts before me.

    Here is where i ramble...

    Cheers to the club :)

  8. Pretty Prats was born as Pratibha some 23 years back... but only an year back i joined blogger coz i felt confident enough to share my words....of course i did not use it well unless September 2008..

    I have two personal blogs where i post frequently - "Of something 'n' everything" and 'My world in words". first one is entirely dedicated to poetry and the second entirely for everything else !

    I love colrs, sketching occassionaly, singing to myself, music, art and reading fiction books..

    I work as a software engineer..currently in Bangalore city .. away from home but never from friends..

    Writing is my passion and biggest joy in life... it gives me my current identity and peace and a purpose too at times...

    I love WL for the fact that i met some like minded people here .. and for the inspiration it gives me every single day..


  9. @Sanz.. u will never cease to fall in love with thiss place !!

  10. First of all..I feel its a gr8 idea to introduce ourselves and know each other better...

    Charu aka Chaarz here.. I write here from the Capital State Delhi..
    I have done my Bachelor's in English from DU and currently learning Spanish..

    I have a Contradictory persona. I love VARIETY in evrything and it reflects in my likes, habits etc..

    I like writing fr the simple reason tht it gives vent to the feelings n thots wich r left unsaid otherwise..
    I write at..www.chaarzforyou.blogspot.com

    Although i have not been able to keep a constant track on the happenings here at WL but i love ths place and you all who write here fr the variety you OFFEr..
    And i really hope i manage to catch up mre freqently..

    Love you all...

  11. Hiya ppl.
    I'm Siddharth, better known online as RiverSoul. I'm pursuing a bachelor's degree in computer science, in Dharwad, Karnataka.
    I love reading, and i love English. Am now trying to learn spanish too.
    Poetry has been my primary hobby and the love-of-my-life, ever since my 5th grade, and my 7 month old poetry blog, called Silent Recollections, (http://silent recollections.blogspot.com) is the place to go if you wanna read my works, and know more about me.

    I also dabble with photoshop, and make customized headers, badges and pics for bloggers who want them, with my 2 talented team mates, ste and Aayushi in my blog called iMAZE (http://Imazinated.blogspot.com)
    I'm also an author of the gateway of india blog,with Leo, Ste, and 10 others, which deals in everything abt India.
    Though not very frequent online, i'm always wandering around the blogosphere, courtesy my gprs enabled phone, savouring the variety that this blogging world has to offer.

  12. hi asbah...nice to know you..he he

    hey ste...are you the same guy of stepMAN fame? honoured to know you..

    hey rashi...greetings!

    sanskriti..nice to have you here...n as pratsie says...u will never cease to fall in love with this place ;-)

    pratsie...its been a pleasure reading you here...great to have you amidst us!

    charu...welcome to the family...great to know you...looking forward to read more of you out here...cheers!

  13. sid aka riversoul...hugs bro...nice to know you...honoured to have such a talented writer in our midst...keep churning out those beautiful verses u do with such ease ;-)

  14. Hello Writers' Lounge,

    This is Kajal aka The Pink Orchid. 21 years old, I am struggling through my final months of BBA, because one thing that I totally hate is studying. ( In some way , all of us hate it, don't we? I am NOT asking the scholars here though :P ). I am in Delhi right now, but will be moving down to chennai for my higher studies pretty soon, so don't ask me my whereabouts in Delhi, its just a temperory abode.

    Coming to my blogs:
    1) The Pink Orchid - an unknown quest
    => This one is my first one, started on 25th dec 2008. I am very young as compared to almost everyone here in the blogging world. Its all about my world, my thoughts,my new found talents and gratitude towards those who inspire me.

    2) The Mush Factor
    => this one, as the name suggests, is all about mush. Its a part of me but I still keep it locked in a separate blog. I am still trying to unlock the mystery behind it though. :)

    3)मेरा अस्तित्व
    this blog contains the facets of my love towards the national language.

    Apart from these, I am a part of the following group blogs:

    1) The Writers' Lounge
    I am sure you didn't know about this one ;)

    2) The Gateway of India

    3) Time to Rhyme

    I tried to bear with my over-enthusiastic mind for 21 years, but couldn't handle it anymore. So I started blogging on 25 dec, 2008.
    I think that's a good enough reason why I blog.

    wo! now that was a huge introduction :)

    Did I hear someone saying - I talk a lot??????????? :P

  15. forgot to tell you that I have been a nomad myself. Thanks to my Dad's transferable job. I have got an opportunity to stay in most parts of the country except the western side of it.

    and also मेरा अस्तित्व is the place where you can find all my hindi poetry.

    I am in love with the lounge since the day I joined. It is indeed my second home with such a loving extended family...

    *group hug*

  16. lol.. i talk a lot... Don't i ? :P

  17. @blogger singh

    that was such a sweet introduction kajal...really sweet...n no no...u dont talk a lot..he he..vital inputs for the next episode of stepMAN...he he...u r really the silent kinds yaaar...singh is queen!

  18. @Sandeep: :) *bites her nails* In the next episode of stepMAN , kajal does more than fainting..---she talks a lot...
    she faints after seeing stepMAN and once she is fine .. she goes on and on and on talking to stepMAN ...........stepMAN faints!!!

  19. @kajal

    he he...know what...i am stepTAGGING you to write the draft of the 4th episode for stepMAN...u do the draft n send it to me...i will try to add my stuff to ur's...lets do a combine part 4...game blogger singh? we both can teach each other some stuff or the other...after a serious fiction attempt..a shot at humour would help you improve immensely..wat say partner for 4th blogisode? ;-)

  20. iam chirag joshi,iam an engineer
    doing BE(Comp Sc.)and currently in final year of my degree

    iam from Ujjain the holy place of lord shiva(mahakal)


    this blog is the general blog where i write all the general and some special things

    this blog is of my poems.

  21. dear ppl and S.a.S

    Its been a short time since i've known this place nevertheless and i truly feel like its the best thing ever happened to me :)

    I'm John Kingsley from chennai, did my schooling and college from chennai,completed by engineering degree in electronics & instrumentation and passed put in '06. Worked in surat at Essar for 2 years before moving back down to chennai. Work is sometimes totally free or else too demanding, thats why keeping regular tabs on the lounge is tough.

    I wanted to write time immemorial, and have written poems as kid, got one full page published in childrens mag called gokulam,dec'97 issue.Back in 98-99 that was a time for hosting and website explosion like geocities and so on, so created one to express myself but is defunct for a longtime now. Then this blogging started way back in '06[created and deleted] but saw the light of day in 2007 and finally again started in 2008 consistently. Apart from CmU, which is my mainstay i did like to experiment new forms of writing or storytelling,which has never took off really..maybe soon.

    My blog aka CmU

    It is about the uncertainity around me and through out india, my points of view and rants against the current issues we face. Its the chaos, the uncertainity around me and inside me and the Universe. Thats Chaos, myself and the Universe for you :)

    so thats about me,cheers:)

  22. yeah sandeep u inv every1 to contribute to stepman ...huh

    u dont even ask me bro....very bad

  23. This is Akansha Agrawal, christened aks by blogger friends...

    An engineering student (Electronics) from Nagpur... I love reading, I adore writing... have always been fond of writing, got stories published several times in Twinkle Star(by The Hitavada, if anybody has heard of it!) A voracious reader, but poetry goes tangential and sometimes secantial, very rarely radial... I'm active in Literary events... online and offline!

    I have only one personal blog... which I think has been aptly named Tadka!!!It sizzles!!! coz I love speaking out my mind irrespective of consequences ;) I've tried dabbling into humor, I write reviews for books and movies (only as a reader and a viewer, no professional ones), I write on political issues, social issues, economic issues(though again strictly as an observer, not professional)... I contribute to about 5 more blogs which are group blogs WL, Reader's Paradise- where you'll find reviews of books(if anybody's interested in joining, drop me a line please or on the blog), Jagruti- a place where social issues can be discussed, Just Vent it out- an informal place to let out your frustration or whatever... and the latest is Gateway of India, which I joined on Leo's invite (of course, I asked him to invite me...)

    I'm a net freak... love being online! And google is the favourite abode...

    I love to learn... but I don't always want to be taught (I've forgotten who said this, but stands true for me too!). I write because I want to... I read because I love to, I very rarely attend parties coz I hate to...

    And I think this was more than enough about me!

    So this is me...

  24. @all: wow! I didn't know we have such eminent personalities from different walks of life.. The lounge is proud of you.. he he he... :)

    well, i am an eminent personality too. I am a self-appointed receptionist for the lounge.. :)

    @Sandeep: blogger singh is game.. app bole aur humein mana karein,
    aise bhi bure haalaat nahi .:P

    2nd episode is up now.. I am getting to do the 4th episode... alrighty.. :) I am one more episode to go before main humour ki duniya ka behtareen sitara bun jau... :P *sniffs*

    @Stibu: oye obviously sandeep would have asked me , I kept a gun on his head and told him "if you do not tag me fourth episode" you will have to read all the poetry which I have been writing since the age 11. He thought letting me write a bligsode of stepMAN shouldn't hurt that much.. :D

  25. correction
    1) aap humein bole aur hum mana karein,
    aise to bure haalaat nahin !

    (now I know why people do not read my hindi poetry )

    2) tag me FOR writing the 4TH blogisode of stepMAN :D

  26. S.a.S

    there is another confusion out here, there should be a proper call sign or whatever so that there is no confusion calling out the names of fellow bloggers. For ppl who've been from start i guess it wont be prob!! whether anyone wishes to be called his real name or blogger name or !!!

  27. Heya ppl
    This is Nan @ Nandhini Reddy from Coimbatore, Tamilnadu
    A "so called" engineer currently doing rsearch assistance at a R and D firm.I am known for my absurdity and out of box writes :P (Though i have no idea how good/bad they are :P)

    I am a sports buff and I read a lot. (Not just books and magazines but anything that is printed/ published)


    That is the place where I post my poems. Drop in when u feel bored of regular stuff :P

  28. Hey People,

    My parents gave me the name - Aarthi a.k.a. Artz! Working like a donkey...that is what I do these days. :P
    Blogging is something that gives me comfort and peace. I've named my blog as PRAGMATIC UTOPIA (http://peaceencore.blogspot.com/).

    I seek peace!!
    I put up at Ghaziabad, NCR! To be honest, my writings are very optimistic by nature but once you read them closely you can find layers of pessimism in them. Lol...

    I've been blogging for the last 6 months. I don't know many people in WL...(just know Ste, Arjun, Chirag, Akansha, Kajal, Rashi and Vinay)...
    I really look forward to make good friends here.

    I don't have siblings...and my parents are from the business class...often I find myself alone, crying, sad and dejected. And for this very reason...I WRITE and SING loudly! :)

    Hope I get a few siblings here...




  29. @chirag

    hey bro...greetings...nice to know more about you...hope you read the 2nd episode of stepMAN...you star there ;-)


    nice to know you bro...and feels great to learn that this lounge has had a deep impact on you..n that you really like this space...its "our" lounge n we are a big family ;-). I can understand the work bit...have been working for the last 1.5 yrs after my MBA and understand that it gets tough to find time to blog..yet we somehow manage to take time out..he he...regarding the call sign, address people by whatever they are introducing themselves as. I am assuming that since they are revealing their identity, they wont mind being addressed by their names. Someone who does have an issue would reveal only his blogger name here. Theek?


    who said i wont ask you bro...as i said..let me establish the character first..then when the story gets into the superhero part which will be tentatively around the 6th n 7th episodes, am going to ask you to do the honours many times...i can ask you anytime bro coz i have the freedom with you...we shud look at involving more people who have never tried their hand at humour...got? ;-)


    nice to know you..n your blog name left me with a craving for dal tadka ;-) he he...


    so parsu ki date fix huvi hain for the download of the script from my side...will explain it over the chat...go go blogger ;-)


    greetings nandhini...first of all apologies for calling you a "Bro" long time back....n that experience was instrumental in me kicking off this initiative...so u played a major role in this post coming out...anyways..nice to know you...welcome to the family...cheers!

  30. @aarthi

    add one more name to that list of people you know from the WL...he he...u can add me on gmail as sandeepbalan83@gmail.com as well...

    WL rocks...n u all make it rock aarthi ;-)

    welcome to the family

  31. First of all a big round applause to the Sandeep, ASbah and Ste..!!
    For coming up with such an amazing innovative idea as the Writer's Lounge.(this was due way earlier)

    Am Raghav Ramaiah, write with the name Rag.
    An BE graduate 2008 passout,from the the beautiful city of Bengaluru, on a hunt for a job. Screw this recession someone.
    Am an total amateur when it comes to blogging. A blogger since July 2008.Am in love with blogging totalllyy..!!!

    I have 2 blogs that i maintain,

    one being,

    I share my life through it. Every possible thing thats happens around me. goes on to "kyakahoon"!!
    Poetry is something that i've started recently.
    DO drop in guys :)!!

    Second Being,

    As all of you might know.. i love giving movie reviews. So this is a exclusive blog only for movie review's. You can request for any movie review that you want. and it'll be done!!

    And i would love to thank every member of the WL.. Who's supported me as the Movie Critic in the WL.

    This is an amazing place to be in.
    Am lovin' it :D!!!!!


  32. Wel I am uzra .A girl with every hidden and discernible meaning of it. Have wasted r.a 8,191 days of my life so far with no apparent achievement as yet. Doing my articles which are compulsory part of C.A, from a firm called BDO Ebrahim & Co, Islamabad, Pakistan and also an additional qualification of MBA, Banking and finance from AIOU, Islamabad Pakistan. I love to inscribe thoughts through words, colours, porcelain, and through every other medium which can eaisly be created and applied. I blog on www.uzblogs.blogspot.com. Became member of WL a couple of months ago but was deleted for being an inactive member: P. joined in again almost a week ago and will inshaAllah try to be an active member.
    That’s all about Uz!

  33. @Sandeep: parsu it is.. :) will be online at around 10.. c u then...

  34. Well, I am Hashan Hazarika write with the same name( thinking of blogging wid a different name * thinking*)..I started blogging in http://bakwasdairy.blogspot.com/ and named as Hashan Hazarika's bakwas dairy 2 years back( if u go through u'l find anything serious on that..:))..awrite, i stay in bangalore but originally from Assam ( u might have guessed from my last name) and working in IBM, bangalore

    N a member of WL from November( Thanks to Stephen for his invitation)...

    ROCK ON GUYS !!!Have fun !

  35. @ hashan nice to know more about u bro.......IBM hmmm :-)

    @ uz..
    lets make this place more beautiful and lets be an active member.....amazed at ur writing skills and hey yeah guess wht ...we have too many MBA's here on our lounge

    no worries bro...recession will get over soon if i am nt wrong ;-)

    its nice to read ur movie reviews andnice knowing abt u bro

  36. @ sandeep
    yeah bro....u have the rights and i am glad that i will be writing future parts of stepMAN

  37. @ artz..
    hey u got too many siblings here dont worry ...sandeep balan is ur elder bro and i am ur good friend remember ehh!!!! ;-) nice to know more abt u ......

    @ nan
    hmmm nice nice,,....lol nondy h r u ,..never knew that even u wre an engg ....woaaa another engg on the lounge wowww......


    good luck for ur venture work with stepman

  38. Hello to all here .. due to time constarints i can not name all and i dnt wanna miss anyone's name .. but eat the hell, here i go ..

    Nan .. hellos..
    Kings .. thanks fr ur poetries ..
    Aarthi .. i will love to be ur frnd :)
    Uz : I did not know you r a gal ! hello..
    Rag : Love ur reviews :)
    Akansha : love ur pic !!
    Ste : hello bro !
    Sandeep : Wat to say to the know it all dude ..
    Kajal : Love u dearie .. u make me smile wenever i lose one ..
    chirag : u inspired my first hindi write :)
    Sanz : welcome :)
    Asbah : hugzz
    Raash : best friend i have earned here ..

    hope i did not miss any one .. if i did, sowieee :)

    muuaaahs !!
    Keep blogging all ya wonderful fellas :D

  39. hiii friends..i m Priyanka... :)

    currently pursuing mba..a delhiite..barely a month plus a few days left now...my last few days as a student...den work life..for which i m really excited...

    i wrote my first piece, a poem somewhr arnd july/aug n got to blogging in sept'08....(thank u twin for that..) n so i joined WL...n it has actually become a 2nd home for me...an inseparable part..cant really explain how much i love this place... :) n i hav met so many lovely ppl here...
    d talent dat exists here always amazes me...its really d best place in blogworld!!

    i have become an addict to dis too..net addict to main hu hi..u'l find me online at any time of day/night! :P

    apart frm bloggin..i love music, movies, novels, used to paint..has been a long time now..

    n..i m a dreamer...i live in a bubble of my dreams..n fairy tales..away from realities! :P

    again..reallyyy love WL n everyone here!! :) :) :)

  40. @pratsie

    sob sob....sob sob...no one has called me a dude in a decade now!! sob sob...sob sob... ;-)

    @priyanka aka twin

    stop thanking me time and again for introducing you to the blog world...if i would not have, anyone else would have done it...you should not thank me...u shud thank god for blessing you with such skills ;-)

  41. oops priyanka....twin...replace "anyone"with "someone else"...lolz ;-)

    n does your name come along with that smiley you introduced yourself with...wow..."priyanka :)"

    n i will kill you if u dont send me the draft of stepman in the next half an hour!! grrrr!!

  42. jaise face to face introduce karte hai na twin..."hi..i m priyanka (with a smile).." ...waise hi likha bhi...hehe..

    stepman...hmm..d way u'v ended part 2...i dont even know how'l i carry on to match it! :P

  43. i am a lion in the zodiac, a lion on the bloggiac too! :)

    hey all, me name's vinay, though u all here at the lounge would know me better as leo. me a mallu born and brought up in the garden city of india, bangalore... and currently pursuing engineeering in computer science course. one of the little poets here at the lounge, and a former joint winner of the prestigious Member of the Month award also! :)

    my hobbies... poetry and reading novels... a big fan of manchester united, usually never miss any of their live games... other than that i pass time by bloghopping, if my net decides to act nice and let me to! :)

    my blog was started two years and three months ago in november 2006, but have been active only since june 2008. it is called "i rhyme without reason" and you all can find my small poetries there.... other than that i am having a non poetic blog called "conjuring kreativity" and a poetic blog called "time to rhyme" with kajal(pink orchid).

    group blogs i am member of are "writers lounge" "penoramatic reveries" "gateway of india" and "smiley tissues". am not linking them, u can find the links in my poems blog, if u visit. :)

  44. My my
    finally um here the youngest blogger on WL (shab se choti) [dare u ppl smile.. Its not funny :( shab innay baray hain] well i am INSIYA aka 'illusion' . I am 18th year old spoiled brat doing nothing at the moment in studies but aside from that i am planning for a short course in 'sclupturing'. I started blogging 3 to 4 months back (thanks to asbah for introducing me at WL). I did my 12th grade now will be joining university in dept. Of psychology (helo R.V ) For Bs. I love writting , dreaming, sketchng and illusioning things!
    my blogs are
    and for poetry

    :) Opps ajeeb sa intro tha na?

  45. hi vinay...endu okke undu vishesham...welcome to the family...


    adaab...welcome the youngest of the lot...welcome...cheers!

  46. Hey everyone!

    I am Neha Venkatesh. I have graduated in medicine (yes, the only qualified doctor on WL; can contact me for medical ceritficates and all! ;)). I am currently pursuing an MBA from NMIMS, Mumbai. Guess they should christen me as the in-house doctor now for WL!

    I have been born and brought up in Mumbai and am a complete extrovert and foodie. I started blogging around July last year. I am not very regular at blogging because of time contraints, but I do try to keep up as much as possible.

    My blog is entitled "Candid Confessions" and can be found at http://candidly-yours-neha.blogspot.com. It's mostly my personal experiences, learnings and some short stories. My blog is pretty high on its emotional quotient, which reflects my personality. There is a dash of humor too!

    It's been a pleasure knowing all u guys!

    @ Sandeep
    Dude, (that's the second time in a decade; OMG!!!)
    Thnx for calling this post "Knowing your family." It indeed feels like home here.

    @ Ste
    Dude, thnx for all the contests, "inspiring" (read threatening) me to write. Kudos!

    @ Mona
    If it weren't for you, some of teh best things in life wouldn't have happened to me. WL is just one of them. Thnx!

    Cheers everyone!

  47. na late aa vandaalu latest aa varuve... hehe ( Though i come late, i come latest - Rajni/stepMan's dialogue)

    Anyways guys, I'm Arjun... My family calls me Aru, few frnds call me RJ ( hence I named myself RJ in 2PS :P)

    I'm 21, doing my final year B.E in Telecommunication. Born, brought up and spoilt here in Bangalore. 'Stay Positive' and 'Keep it simple' are my chants..it keeps me light... I try to follow them.. :)

    About blogging.. I started a blog and wrote a story for my cousins to read. It turned out to be funny though I dint intend it to be. Then tried my hand at some romantic serious stuff. Though people dint complain, they seemed to enjoy my humour more.

    And I also believe making people laugh is such a special thing to be doing. ... I'm just happy I'm attempting to make ppl laugh..
    Ok..sry.. I've been chanting like a grandpa..
    And btw.. I blog at www.arjunchoudary.blogspot.com It's called - Rekindled Imaginations...

    About WL - My home. I no more feel like saying- Second home...Love the energy in this place. And more so, I've made so many good frnds here. Wat say stibu mama?? :P

    Okay. Abt my hobbies- I like Cricket( as usual), love clicking pictures, love driving on highways ;) and of course writing.

    Finally..Thanks S.a.S ... U've been gr8..


  48. @ priii....lol too many ppl suffer from same disorder that ur suffering frm lol....addictaaaa :p

    @ prats

    hello sister

    good to knw more abt u brooo

  49. @insi

    that was a cute intro sis......:-)

    @ neha
    yeah ur the qualified doctor of the lounge...although we have few dentists here......

    yeah u r right....we do make good frnds in lounge....lounge rocks

  50. I took such a long time to read this thread, and now I have forgotten all the names again :P But I will catch up as time passes by :D

    Hello SAS and all others, This is Ashrita from Mumbai. I am a 22 years old Commercial Pilot by profession but a victim of recession for now. I have always been awed by the whole concept of penning my thoughts down, and reading diaries right from when I was old enough to understand them. And with blogging, I found just the right thing for myself to redirect my joblessness in a more creative way :P I started blogging just 2 months ago, and loving every moment of it!

    About my Blog, I call it Memoirs. It is simply because I watched the movie - Memoirs of a Geisha on the day I created my Blog. I just write about anything and everything that I feel can make a difference to someones life, and in turn this world in a positive way. http://satansdarling.blogspot.com

    And thanks to my bestie Nabila, I joined WL. I joined it just for the sake of the Inspiration Poetry Contest, just to see if my writing was any good at all. But now I am hooked! Thanks a lot WL, and especially SAS, I have been doing a lot of wishful and fruitful thinking nowadays :P

    Bye for now :)

  51. Hi guys

    I am pretty new to thisplace. Just about a week old :)

    My name is Shreyans. I am an engineer by qualification, a teacher by profession, will be an MBA student this June and will live my life teaching spirituality...

    I write short stories and poems at http://incessantlytimeless.blogspot.com/. Also, I write philo at http://mehtashreyans.blogspot.com/

    Great place... Thanks S.A.S.

  52. heyyy!!!guys.. i wanna share this all of you..!! wanted to start a new post but....

    okay anyway...


    check the link above..!!!

    my movie reviwe has been listen with top Critic's of India!!! likie rajeev masand, taran adarsh, anupama chopra!!!!

    am so so happpy!!

  53. LOL. wow!

    so many MBA's and Engineers! Only one teacher and one Doctor.
    If I consider myself a teacher too, that'll make us two Shreyan!

    and yes, Honestly it was amazing to know all of you :). Not even in our wildest dream had thought while thinking of a place for writers, that it will bloom into something like WL ! Although we wishes it to happen!

    I might not be able to remember all of the places you guys have been to or brought up, but I will remember as much details as possible!

    wow guys, Thankyou so much for making it such beautiful a place :)
    Please be like that!!

    *wishes and prayers*

  54. hey guys, nice initiative..i am late as usual 'late latif' of the lounge i guess lolzz..

    oh tough task if somebody asks me about me i just say its up to you to find out, because frankly even i am still trying to know myself lolzz but lets give it a try

    i am chintan better known in lounge as Jack, I am a pharma graduate and i have just completed my MBA from IBS hyderabad and i am about to enter the corporate world. oh i am excited.

    As a person i do what i feel like doing, i take life as it comes and i believing in discovering life at each stage, I just follow this simple philosophy 'Work hard, drink harder and party hardest'..and it really works
    I am very happy to say that i am rejoicing my life, i have taken each and every decision of my life and in the end i have no body to blame for in my failures and no one else to give credit for my success..I am man of my own making and i am loving it :)

    well now about my life as a blogger.. i use to write a lot in graduation days, and in one of my crazy moments i deleted my blog due to a fight with my GF, i was so stupid than, but than i started writing again from last november and now i am simply enjoying my reentry in blogosphere

    my first one is

    its a book of my thoughts, it has everything ranging from my personal emotions happy and sad, fun of my college life, some of my poems and my encounter with girls lolzz.. you are invited to come and peep into my thoughts :), i would love your inputs on that

    My second one
    Its my socio-political blog
    writing on the current issues which keeps on disturbing me and a little effort to raise my voice
    you all are welcome to join in the cause :)

    hugs to every one, this place rocks

  55. Ashrita,,,hope thats the correct name of SD, hellos.. let ur ideas fly as high u like..

    Rags : CONGRATASS!!!!

    Priyanka... wat to say to someone who writes YOUR mind ?

    Arjun.. u surely know to make any one smile :) its a blessing.. treasure it !!

  56. Insiya... hellos dearie :)

    Leo : the worthy poet :)

  57. uuufff....fufff...so many posted already...jack dear..u were late..i am latest..hehe
    Hi I am Naveen Chawla, call me Naveen only...well as the name suggests i always want something new from my life.. don't want to remain at one place or one place..but i guess this is going to end soon :((
    I am an MBA from IBS Hyderabad..just completed that.
    I am not a big writer and has not written too much any time but recently, i started with trying my hand and blogging (u see i really m Naveen :P). As of now i have only one blog called Naveen's Insights..I thought to start this blog for bringing some social issues but astonishingly found myself better at poetry instead...hehe
    my blog link is http://naveensinsights.blogspot.com/
    I joined WL on 9th Jan 2009..thanx to Jack and Arjun for tht!
    Well to tell you more about me..I belong to a business family and soon gonna join my dad's business at my hometown Jaipur..if u make any plans to visit this beautiful place..contact me..hey m not a tourist guide ok..its just tht I can give u company :P
    We have a business of manufacturing pickles, syrups and sauces..so all u gals u like chatpata masaledar achaar, contact me :D hehe
    I love driving my car, eating, traveling, partying and making frens..adding to tht i m starting to love blogging too!
    add me to ur chat list to know more about me..my is: navichawla@gmail.com

    Luv u all


  58. correction my id is:
    navichawla@gmail.com :P

  59. @hey nav ;)

    guys to do love chatpata masaledar achaar ...hehehe...and i'm one of them...packup loads for me :P

    Been to jaiur and jodhpur..really interesting and historically important places..a must visit atleast once in a lifetime...except the climate is too cold in the winters there :P

  60. @kings..
    hv u not seen the summers there...temperature goes to 48 degrees celcius...it really really hot..hotter than radio mirchi too.hehe

  61. @Sandeep: the way the commments section of this introduction post is bubbling, I take this one to thank the admin of WL for helping us know each other better. It kinda give us a better picture of the things we write, we read, about the writers here, their purpose of blogging and how much they love the place. WE love WL... :) thank you. God will never stop blessing you guys for starting such a wonderful family and which mashaallah will keep growing, qualitatively and quantitatively.. :) hey and keep giving us opportunities like these to express our love for WL.. :) No amout "I love WL" will ever sound enough :)

  62. *no amount of "i LOVE WL" will ever sound enough.. :)

  63. @New members of WL: this place is like a flower which will keep blossoming forever and its fragrance will go far and wide. I am sure it is this fragrance that you guys to join in. All of us love this place and we welcome you to the lounge with all our hearts. Welcome to the world of experiments, creativity, talent, good reading, amazing writing, novelty of thoughts, bonding, appreciation and constructive criticism. Welcome to the family. I hope that all of us make the most of this place and never stop learning from each other. Trust me, I am a fan of each one of us here... Itna talent kahaan chhupa ke rakha tha sabne.. Everyday at the lounge is a day well spent.

    @Old members of the lounge: Guys, you are the ones who have put in your heart and soul into the roots of WL that now it is flourishing at such a rate. We have "invite requests" coming at the drop of a hat. Anything without a perfect beginning can never go far. You guys have made a more than perfect beginning and the results are in front of our eyes today. Its one lounge, where the taste of coffee will never fade. :)I hope WL family will keep getting to learn more and more from you guys. As writing is more than just talent, it has definitely got to do with practice and the ability to learn.WL family today is 80+ strong..----it means more talent, more creativity, more bonds and so much more to look forward to, everyday!

    wow! I can't thank all of you enough for making this place what it is! A heavenly abode for all of us.

    P.S. The definition of "old member" & "new member" is completely based on the readers' discretion.

  64. Hey everyone!
    I had joined Writers' lounge on 24/11/2007,nearly 4 months after it was created.


    I'm Disha from Ahmedabad-Gujarat-INDIA.

    I'm presently a student in third year dentistry.

    I love talking,writing and observing people.

    I write on :-


    and contribute a drop in this ocean of writers' lounge.


  65. Mera Intro

    Hello all...I am Anurag.Born and bought up in Aamchi Mumbai :) I studing computer engineering and am in my final year now.

    I joined W.L some 6-8 months back and I would like to thank Stephen for it.Though I have to admit I don't contribute more to the lounge as I should do but I will be trying my best to write now specifically for the lounge and keep it updated.

    I believe any post that one writes should really be a "readable" kind of a post and hence I love writing and reading funny posts.....

    I guess that should be enough :P

  66. *I am ...Typos make us sound really silly don't they ... :D

  67. Correction :-

    Hey everyone!
    I had joined Writers' lounge on 24/11/2008,nearly 4 months after it was created.

    I'm Disha from Ahmedabad-Gujarat-INDIA.

    I'm presently a student in third year dentistry.

    I love talking,writing and observing people.

    I write on :-


    and contribute a drop in this ocean of writers' lounge.

  68. okay... my turn...

    i m mona aiyar... known as mona and the lil finger... i am from mumbai... currently in 3rd year dentistry in nashik (and a hostelite)... i love writing poems and i started writing poems when i was around 8 or 9 after my sis neha inspired me to...

    i started blogging in last july or something.. my blog is called "countless emotions"
    and it mainly has a collection of my poems.. (as i only write poems...lol)...

    i joined WL soon after i started blogging.. i should thank stephan for that... he was the one who introduced me to the lounge...

    the lounge has been a great place.. have learnt a lot and made many new friends here.. hoping to have a long journey with this lounge.. cheers everyone!!

  69. hello everyone.... :)
    I am More Orangee AKA as The Vitruvian boy here...

    I am an engineer,presently fighting forced-unemployment,global recession and the strange expectations around me... :D

    Boy its gonna be a tough war.. ;)

    I ll turn 23 soon...

    WL has changed my life...met new ppl who have changed me a lot.brought happiness and joy into my life..
    hope this continues...and i dont sound like i am doing a telebrands commercial... :P

    this place rocks..... A big hug for everyone... :)

  70. good to know of u Vitruvian boy :0 n u do bring smile to a lot of us here !! Keep up the good work :)

  71. orangeeeeeee...pleasure knowing you...its an honour having you in our family...*hugs*

  72. Hey, I am posting my one as a separate post - it has got much bigger!!!!

    Sorry, please check the post I am going to post in some time :)

  73. Hello folks!

    I'm Bhargav Saikia and I joined TWL in Feb this year. So far the time here has been brilliant! It's always a pleasure to read the write-ups here..and I want to thank the founders for creating TWL and bringing so many talented people under one single roof. I feel the lounge is not only about sharing our ideas and opinions through posts but also about networking with each other.

    About me, I'm from Assam and I'm a second year undergrad at The University of Manchester. I'm currently studying Molecular Biology but to be honest my true ambition is to be a filmmaker (someone like Satyajit Ray, Ashutosh Gowariker, Vishal Bharadwaj, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra..the list may get long!) I'm waiting to graduate so that I can get on with what I want to actually do in life - make loads and loads of good films! But the road ahead is gonna be tough!

    I'm the film quiz master of the lounge and also the moderator for the Movie Caption Contest which is coming up next weekend! (I hope all of you will participate!)..there are some good prizes to be won :D

    My blog: Reviews etc by Bhargav SaikiaI write film reviews, previews and other stuff related to films/entertainment. Some of my reviews also get published at PlanetBollywood.com..if there are any ardent cinegoers here then do check out my weekly reviews..it might prevent you from wasting money on films like Jai Veeru, RGV Ki Aag etc etc! ;)

    (Raghav is a guest writer at my blog..Rag you didn't mention it here! :D)

    So yeah, that's pretty much about me! Looking forward to have a great time here!


  74. I introduced myself above n now I'm here to make a small correction that I've changed my blog url to http://hhnotepad.blogspot.com/ Hashan Hazarika's Notepad !! ( will let you know when i change again..:p)

    * still searchin' a nick name*

  75. Hi everyone...Great to know about all of u guys...
    Here goes my short intro...

    I'm Arun Kumar...21..doin my final year medicine...
    I'm from TamilNad (Tirunelveli to be precise)....

    My friends say i'm immature and lazy...Glad to be so..I loooooove watching movies...and dreaming to music..

    I love writing short stories...not good in poetry...
    started my blog on april 08...i write about my life...my works of fiction...movies...n abt anything that comes to my mind...

    I blog at - http://mylife-asiknowit.blogspot.com/

    Joined WL jus a few weeks back...Been in love with WL ever since...not a regular writer (just 8 writes in 3 weeks)...but a good reader...made a few friends here... :-)

    Thanks for all the inspiration and motivation friends...

  76. This is me! Pulkit .... 20, engineering student of electronics in kanpur!!
    started writing and working with print media... for TOI,moved on to blogs....
    after the work of 6 months with thesenorita.com as freelancer... started my blog POETIC CRIES OF INTERPERSONAL EXPRESSIONS !! (http://19goes20.blogspot.com)(PS - To reduce the depression of dropping the english honours course at hansraj college , Delhi and to carry out the urge to write along with studies in a completely different spehere which might had killed the writer in me ... if my blog wont be there....)
    anyways.... ABOUT ME -

    I celebrate life…live every moment as if there was no tomorrow….. no matter where I go I carry wid myself my own ideals….not wat people want me to do but wat makes me happy…. I just love to be happy…coz at the end of all that’s all that matters….. yet sometimes I love to cry….. it makes me closer to myself…closer to wat I am…. I don’t have much… but I have enough to keep me happy 4 the rest of my life….I live life without regret….
    nothing in the world is more important to me than my family….. Yet my friends mean the world to me….. my friends know me as good as I know myself…..wid friends I keep no secrets …yet I would take their secrets to the grave…….Well, i believe in friendship al8! I know its da strongest relationship of all..
    I love to be with friend’s n freak out……just do wat v feel like doing…..love to party yet love to relax…
    I love to look in the mirror…….. I know I may not b the handsome guy ……but I gotta appreciate one of god’s best creations…..hehe
    i miss my school….miss my friends , those who r not near me anymore…..,they have made me wat I am today….i love all the bad phases ive been through in life…I love all the tuff times ive been through …..coz widout them I wont appreciate myself today….

    thought a lot but couldn't find words to describe myself...
    my negatives- my anger "ooooouuuuuu" really its uncontrollably horrible!
    im basically an extremist i can b tooooooooooo nice and toooooooo rude!! Sometimes ppl tell me im really arrogant..
    .!!!!!!!!!! Frankly speaking' this space is too little to write about MYSELF


  77. Chowwy i followed Tan's footsteps..
    Dis place aint enuf to write everythin abt me..N how can i post my pic here lol.But Here i can give a short intro :
    Myself Vasudha aka BlossomBlue..
    The world forced me to become an Engineer but i am a blogger by proffession :).
    I wanna learn and write more and more.. Glad to b a member of WL.As i keep sayin WL Rockzzzz...

    ~ VaSu ♥

  78. Oops.. didn't know have to post the intro here.. It's ok.. I posted already!

    Nice knowing you ppl:)

  79. Wow!!! That was too good... Knowing atleast something of everyone out here...
    Well about me... M Sheena, a mallu christian, a third mallu here, I guess.. But the diluted version.. Born and brought up in Mumbai..

    My career graph has no connections.. Took up Arts, then did my graduation in Hotel Management, worked with the Leela Kempinski for a year... Quit did my MBA and now working in HR with VIP bags..

    I blog at sheenasimran.blogpsot.com. Started blogging since 2007, if I remember correctly.. A platform to just be myself, bring out the best/ worst in me... Well my blog is more bent towards dark/ sad writings... But so be it..

    Besides writing, I enjoy sketching, dancing, freaking out.. Always smiling..

    Enough I guess... Honoured to be here and know all you guys here.. Ciao!!

  80. Hey, missed one more thing.. I love reading... recently taken a liking to Indian Authors...

  81. OOPS! Dint knw da introduction was supposed to be here! posted about it! sorry! :P

    Name: Gaurav

    Blog Nick: Maverick aka MaV

    Hail from: Mumbai

    Fav colours: Matte Black, Crimson red, Velvet Blue

    A software engg by profession nd a writer by passion. Oder pasion include my guitars, music, movies, outdoor games, bikes.

    Would have luvd to write about myself! But am too Complicated to be aptly described in words! Those who know me; know wat I am talkin about! Those who don't; well u r spared the efforts of unraveling the manifold layers covering me and still not comprehending wat I am!

    An open book I am, yet da pages r covered in invisible ink. Believe in simplicity coz it has its own class. Eternally introverted. Implosive. Writing provides me an opportunity to break free from these constraints.

    Was introduced to WL by a friend nd since den its become an inseperable part of my life! hav found friends here nd more. Dis journey at WL has been a rollercoaster of emotions, albeit one dat I hav enjoyed. Learnin from the stalwarts here has always been a pleasure fr an amatuer lik me nd am still in da learnin phase!

    My posts, my writing always deal wid reality masked by a fictional phase! Underneath, der wld b an eternal reality streak dat relates to my life one way or another.

    I blog at The Unexplored Side of ME!

    Dats about me! :)

  82. Hi bhargav ,,, hope to win one of ur movie quiz one day !!

    @Arun : Hello doc .. love ur stories ...

    @sheena : Hellos .. have fun :)

  83. @Pulkit : my bro !! u r yet another so very sweet n kind person i have known from WL !! love everything u write !! :)

    @Vasudha : hellos ...

    Hi Tan da !! i dnt need to read ur intro to know abt u ;)

  84. Ok, My turn.

    I'm Christopher poshin David and probably the youngest in WL. I just finished my tenth and my results are due this week.

    My hobbies include listening to music, watchin, reading and playing cricket, blogging (the obivous).

    I love to read books but I hate Indian authours for some reason. The only exception is Chetan Bhagat.

    I want to be an journalist when I grow up. i write many short dtories and also poems that are stashed all across my room.

    Well that's pretty much it.

  85. sanz, i hope you enjoy it here! and i hope and pray that your love for this place

    only grow! amen..

  86. kings, i got on writing and being published too for kid's magazine so that also make us two :P

  87. @ aks: Aks: I love to learn... but I don't always want to be taught ... lincoln said it ;)
    and yes, life's google or google is life... ;)

  88. nan, what about the online-publishing? words in plastic keys and pixels?? hmm

  89. Artz, we love u! art(z) sound too good and perfectly apt for someone like u.. darlingest :)

  90. Hashan!!!!!!! i like your name, although u can choose a nick like Zar, from Hazarika.. or Shan from Hashan :P and since you're from assam too, i have a special place for u :D

  91. Oh btw people, Pri is a Proud yem bee yay now :D :D

  92. Uz and Insi... :) *hugs*

    neha :) we love you!

    Arjun, Lol :P for having said the late and latest :D you're witty to core :D too spoiled hmm :P

  93. Ashrita, i didnt know your name before, thanks to thread :) i have loved ur memoirs and wow, how does it feel like in the air? one of my biggest passions, include that of flying - hence my favorite fairy-tale hero is peterpan :D ...

    and we're hell proud on your Ragest Rag :D

    hehe, jack.. we're all the late commers ;) procrastinators.. and we love it, no ? welcome back to the world of words again Jack :) i hope it gets better for u!

  94. lol @ naveen :P hehe but then i'll be latest-er ;)
    oh wow, you and jack class mates? college mates? freinds?? wow wow!! friends - but then we're all friends.. no ?

    hey dicha :) nice knowing you..

    Anurag ;) do i know you hehe !!

  95. monay :D :D !!!! our dearest - our darlingest we love u dear ... beyond anything *hugs*

  96. TVB, be positive, the recession will wan off slowly :) and since i will turn 23 soon too i know how does it feel like :P a girl point of view though hehe!

    thankyou for liking this place :)
    people like you help it make more home-like :)

  97. Tan, I will get to read yours soon :)

  98. Bhargav, you're a life savior and time savior! how we love it :) although i am not much into movies hence hardly participated in your quizes :( but that doesnt mean i dont enjoy it! you have a long way to go.. and we already have a futual film director from our community and i agree, it has helped me alot to connect to people i can call my friends, can share my best pieces and get critic :)
    i have a special feel for Assam :) i dono why, it is in my blood i presume.

    oh wow arun, another doctar :D, lazy is alright, immature? i dont think so ...i hope you keep finding more friends and feel connected always :) amen!

  99. very good to know abt you pulkit :) we're to love ourselves, with our shortcommings you know! and i understand the extremism - i consider myself one too, which isnt a blasphemy considering the fact that it only effect myself and thats it! i like ur writes :)

    really wanna know abt u too blossomblue :) i will get to read urs soon too !

    and urs too princess nuchu :)

  100. sheena, we love mallu here, no ? :) hehe welcome in :) and i hope and pray that you enjoy your stay here :)

    Mav, i seem to know u :P do i ?? *wonders* !! i loved the open book of invisible ink :)

    hey christopher, you're the baby from now on :) hehe, and we wont patronize, i promise!!
    enjoy your stay dear :)

  101. @Mav : master of dark poems !! love u as much as i know :)

    @Poshin : hey dear ... did not know u were a kiddo here !! have fun,,, n good luck fr results :)

  102. to all...

    i had always wanted to know about you all people... but somehow couldnt get the

    chance, but then its never too late, hayna :)

    so good to see the introductions! Its amazing to know you, i dont have words to explain the feeling of knowing all of you :) but than, i am sure almost all of you feel the same!
    we're 90 something lonely people jam packed together in the nublous world of blogosphere! together, I am sure, we will survive, find friends, learn, groom ourselves, ditch our wrong concepts and learn to share, care and stick by :)

    all the love from me..
    and still waiting for more people to drop in :) !!!

  103. Woooooooooah 90 comments already

    so here comes the great me...the mystery unsolved :P

    Well here is me mysterious gal aka Nabila....well i hail from delhi the greatest where i have been born and brought up.....a 25 yr old PhD scholar in JNU......and writing has ended up being a intricate part of my life( though i hate it when i do it professionally at times :P)

    well i love writing poetry, reading, music, dancing nd now writing in all its forms.....

    i joined blogger i guess a yr back but it was just a account with a date and was pushed in being regular thanks to my bestie Ashrita....and o gosh i can't thank her enough for it...blogging, poems, writing....i owe my return to creative streak thanks to her...which i left like 4 yrs back .....

    and then thanks to Tan's visit to my poetry blog i got introduced to the heaven on earth....The Writer's Lounge......and this is bliss for me....i started in this place with my first fiction series and then took a backseat because i was new....but thanks to the inspiration contest...i composed a bit .......but then maybe over the years i was quite apprehensive abt virtual frndships....but good i came to WL....and man i learned so much...poetry, fiction to what not....and within a month i was on roll and even got figured in the member of the month contest.....my poetry still exist but my creativeness flourished to what not degree

    and what else did WL give me........well it gave me beautiful frndships.....which i was evading for long......today i cd say i have made some angels of my life here......and how cd i forgot...how special my bday was thanks to u all...i couldn't have been more glad.

    and now coming to my blogs...
    i own two blogs

    one is
    http://decipheringtheunknown.blogspot.com/ which is like a quest to decipher oneself...which is a mix of all what my mind thinks of....stories, fiction, poetry, articles, songs, couplets, tags.....in short its the Inside ME

    and other is my poetry blog http://iandpoems.blogspot.com/ which is compilation of all poetry i write.....

    of late i came up with my love series blog too.....but let see if it comes out of the dormat stage soon or not:P

    i realized my comment is more of a post so i end here thanking everyone for the love they bestow on this unknown someone....
    LOve you all....Love you WL

  104. gosh i started writing as a 90th comment and its posted as 108th ....see how much i talk and rant :P

  105. sooo good to know more of u Nabs .. love ur writing !! :)

  106. @all

    great to know more about all of you....

    lol@mystery gal...Dr. Nabila...hail hail...

    wow Christopher...you are looking like a king in that costume

    pulkit.....hugs bro...welcome :-)

    sheena....welcome to the club...both WL n fraud mallus born in mumbai....cheers!! :-)

    arun.......welcome friend....

    hashan...partners in crime :-)...gear up for the lessons in excellence on thursday..

    bhargav...how many stars bro? ;-)

    tan...for the millionth time..welcome to the family bro...cheers!

    nuchu...welcome welcome...great to have you here...

  107. @islex

    has the aura vanished now...more to follow :-)

    ur wish...my command :-)

  108. Hi me Mr.H
    My full name is Abhrajit Datta.
    I work in Bangalore, Mindtree. Some ppol call me Mindtree also. :(
    Bad I guess.Neways not many postings these days .sorry for that.
    I used to be in a rock band some time back.I like and love fiction.
    I like Kafka too, don't know what genre that falls into .

    Any way good morning , hellus and lotsa hugs

  109. @Abhri : only i call u mindtree ... n will do so forever :P !! guys, u shud read his stories .. he is amazing !!

  110. lol guru !! udd gaya sab aura :P

    I'm back in action, cant u see??

    Nab :D didnt know abt ur PHD !! and the 90 - 108 posts has been by me :P
    we the fairer, garrulous gender :P !!
    so good to know that Dr Nab :D

    hehe keep writing u love the mysteries you weave :)

    H, i have read a couple of your pieces and were really amazed at your ability to write :)
    we would also like to know about something fron career front ?

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  112. Well, here I log in for the first time in the day (pretty lackadaisical of me, I know)and what do I find?
    the place is swarming with intros and replies...everyone's getting to know everyone else and am lagging behind in knowing the wonderful lot we have here @WL...it's ok though, better late than never...I plunge forward to give a short intro on moi:)

    The name is Saim and the 1st name is just about enough:D
    Born, brought up and in love with Calcutta:)
    Have tortured the earth on which I walk in excess of 23 years:D
    Sometime in the middle of that torturing session, managed to scrape through 4 years of engineering college to pass out as an engineer...Computer Science was the specialization!!!
    abhi waiting to start working...bloody recession is pushing the date of joining back n back and the result is that I have some more time to torture poor souls with my inane writing:D

    Am an absolute die hard fan of Manchester United, I think Md. Rafi was the best voice to have been ever heard on airwaves, avid movie watcher and quizzard.

    I have been in love with Maria Sharapova for almost 4 years now:P

    I spend half of my waking time battling Sauron's Nazguls and the other half taking on the new dark lord on the horizon, Lord Potter:D

    I blog @ "Sepulchre of High Hopes" (www.cataclysmofreality.blogspot.com)

    Also, I have a movie blog in it's nascent stage "Cinema Paradiso" (www.planetcelluloid.blogspot.com)

    Joined WL about 15/20 days back and have had a wonderful time out here...Hope to know everyone out here better and make friends out of everyone...Ciao, tatazz:)

  113. hey guys...

    ooppsss i am late for d intro...
    so i am shweta (u all knw me as tweety)

    i am soon gng to be 19...n suposedly last of my teen yrs...i just completed my 1st sem...n june tak 2nd sem bhi ho jayega...in electronics and communications..n yes fr my intro i am from delhi...

    i blog at http://thehope-life.blogspot.com

    i wont say its about me but its sure of some feelings that eider i have experianced or ppl near me have...i love poetry writing...n thanks to wl family i have improved a lot as a writer...

    i am a child at mind and heart...i dont knw if dats immature but yes i am a child...n i love being dat...i am afraid to take care of myself as i am too used to people doing that for me...

    i told this once to rashi...that i believe in fairy tales....i blv dat if i want to smile with no taxes on my smile...i want my laughter to reach my eyes...i believe in prince charming...n dere is someone special for me :P...n i believe dat it doeant hurt to fall in love...i blv dat faith is the inexplcable immersion in blackest nights...i blv...

    but sometimes its hard to have this faith n it makes me waver...circumstances arnd ne ask me to grow up n i refust to...so its a time against time...ste told me dat day that i am growing up...but i have my own terms n conditions for growing up...i wont give up the warmth in my heart as a price of growing up...

    n ithink i am getting too self obsessed...or i ll keep writing...

    last i want to say is thanks to all of u for helping me evolve everyday as a betr person...

    n lastly agn thanks to bhai fr introducing me to this world of blogging...

    hugs n hugs to all

    luv u guys


  114. i am not over...

    wl gave me amny great frnd n teachers...

    rash, kan, leo, prats, ste, nabs, tan, asbah...

    all of those whom i look upto...thanks guys...

    as for my writing style..i am a big time peesimitic as a writer....my poems speak of despair most of d times...even in my happiest moods i write gloomy poems dat make me cry...

    i am not sure i want to change dat but i am trying...alot...

  115. kan i can give u a competiton i guess...i talk a lot tooo :P :D

  116. Saim, CN for me, yeah better late than never :D
    i've found your blog amazing, filled with emotions expressed in a so right way, and hence it is a perfect compensation considering that you couldnt pursue anything related to liturature despite your wish/liking for language. but than career is rarely matter of choice! We love to read your pieces and your recent co-written posts (of which i have only read two) with Kaj are a blast :)

    keep writing :)
    and warm welcome here!

  117. sweet, or tweet :)
    you're one valuable member we have in here, *blushes* that you've mentioned my name too... i wonder if you guys (all the kids we have at WL) are able to write so good at such tender age (Of below 20 :P..) what are you goina do when you'll grow old (like us.. diable viable 23 :P)

    hehe okay lame attempt at humor, but that doesnt mean we love you any less :)
    we love your words... and acknowledge the fact (and cherish it) that you're writing here.

    lets learn and grow together :)

    *hugs and wishes*

  118. @asbo

    aaawww *hugs* babes...thanks a lot...but hnstly like i sd even when i grow old i will have alot to learn from u...

    u guys will alwas remain to be d inspiration

    PS: i forgot to mention sandy sir's name...sorry sandy..but even ur humoure write ups have made me smile a lot...so thnks...

  119. @Asbah
    wow, u rem that fact about English:)
    thnx dear for ur encouraging words...n thr r only 2 co-written posts as of now, so u hv not missed out:)

  120. i missed it due to my viva's
    so putting a small into of mine here

    chirag joshi
    doing BE(comp sc)
    and currenty in final year of degree
    mostly i wrote poems in hindi ,but i like to write about social issues and general life

    you can see my blogs at this address

  121. 3rd introduction of myself on da same blog in a day! Defining Narcissism at an altogether diff level! :P :P :P :P

    here goes!

    Name: Gaurav

    Blog Nick: Maverick aka MaV

    Hail from: Mumbai

    Fav colours: Matte Black, Crimson red, Velvet Blue

    A software engg by profession nd a writer by passion. Oder pasion include my guitars, music, movies, outdoor games, bikes.

    Would have luvd to write about myself! But am too Complicated to be aptly described in words! Those who know me; know wat I am talkin about! Those who don't; well u r spared the efforts of unraveling the manifold layers covering me and still not comprehending wat I am!

    An open book I am, yet da pages r covered in invisible ink. Believe in simplicity coz it has its own class. Eternally introverted. Implosive. Writing provides me an opportunity to break free from these constraints.

    Was introduced to WL by a friend nd since den its become an inseperable part of my life! hav found friends here nd more. Dis journey at WL has been a rollercoaster of emotions, albeit one dat I hav enjoyed. Learnin from the stalwarts here has always been a pleasure fr an amatuer lik me nd am still in da learnin phase!

    My posts, my writing always deal wid reality masked by a fictional phase! Underneath, der wld b an eternal reality streak dat relates to my life one way or another.

    I blog at http://maverick-theunexploredsideofme.blogspot.com

    Dats about me! :)

  122. I am Princess Sonshu, Princess of Sonshuland.. Im a 14year old princess and im in the 10th std. Dance, Reading, Writing and Music are my life, passion ans hobbies. I also love to draw and paint as i feel relaxed while doing that. I love to pose and get pics clicked and my bro clicks wonderful pics of me! (I love him for that)

    I aim to become an author. And im working towards it!

    I am a person who lives the moment but i think a lot before i act or say anything. I believe friendship, a strong one is necessary for everyone.

    The lounge is a precious home for me as ive learnt a lot here. I have my other first home: My Blog, my personal one.

    My blog is my world for you. I present it in the form of everything- music, videos, writings etc. Its a teen world. But not only these...we also have stories, series, poems and many more exciting things a teen does. It just makes a teens life happy!

    I blog at: http://sonshus.blogspot.com

  123. Hello Friends..oops..Family ..!!!

    Your sibling here is named Yamini Meduri some 21 years back...but joined you just a few days ago..!!!

    I just completed my Grad in Computer Science and Engineering and now waiting for my next phase of life, MBA...I got admission in BIMHRD, Pune and so, will be soon leaving to Pune from my favorite place since my day one, Hyderabad.

    I come to meet you all the the Lounge from My Land Of Dreams(http://dilmainhainpyar.blogspot.com/) a place dedicated to my heart, my soul, my dreams, my poems..!!!I write everything my heart feels and I find joy in every little part of life...!!!

    Your sibling is proud to let you all know that she is the founder and vice-president of a social service project, Akanskha,(www.desire2help.blogspot.com)..!!!

    The rest, you can read my work and know abt me...!!!

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  127. This comment has been removed by the author.

  128. Mates.. these are my blogs: Have fun reading them:

    Thus Spake Tan!...
    Hojoborolo - (My Bengali Blog)...
    Thus Wrote Tan!...
    Hope you enjoy reading me... :)

  129. Name-- Charu Sharma

    Here by the name Charzz..

    A Delhite by nature and Spirit. I am a Bachelor in English Literature. Currently trying hard to make it into a Mass communication Institute and also learning Spanish.
    I call myself "Queen of Contradiction" for the way I am.

    I love to be with people yet I dont like crowds...
    I love to talk yet I have a patient ear....
    I love to roam around yet my home is my heaven.....
    I am a bit cranky yet I am stable.....
    I am extremely straight forward yet I try not to hurt anyone.....
    I am emotinally charged yet I know the practicalities of life...
    I have a high nose yet I don't mind bending reasonably....
    I am very lazy yet I hate it wen I dont hve nythn to do....
    I am an open book yet its not easy to understand the real me....
    I am too patient yet i can get restless very soon...

    These contradictions and alot more make me the kind of person I am.
    I was introduced to WL by one of the founders and instantly I happened to like this place. Although I am not too close to anyone at WL yet (the reason is offcourse ME and my inability to be here often) but I am really proud to be amongst a group of such Intellectually stimulated and talented bunch of people.

    I write at two blogs--

    One-- chaarzforyou.blogspot.com-- It was my first blog which largely reflects the personal side of me.

    Second-- charu-notepad.blospot.com-- I recently started it to write about things which matter to me or happen around me.

    I write for the simple reason that I LOVE TO WRITE.. I makes me happy and also gives me a sense of achievement which I don't get from anything else.

    I love to be here..:)
    Will Try to be here alot often and take up as many challenges as I can..:)

    Love you all

  130. oh and btw, do anyone need my introduction ? huh :P

  131. Guys one more update i've joined AT&T in march..nomore IBMer :(( ..dei lots of changin' happenin' :))


  132. Whoa... what-ay intro by each member here??? I don't have much...

    I am sowmiya and I write by the name "meow" and thats how my friends call me :) :) A very very random writer. I write all random stuffs :) I've two blogs.. one where I scribble and the other where i doodle :P check them out :)

    http://jiggleberry. blogspot.com

    You can know more about me by reading ma blog as I put most of the things that happen to me there :)

    Some people say am bunch of oxymorons,
    Some people say am typical gemini,
    Some people say am enigmatic...

    but what do you say??? read thru ma blog or ma words here.. and have your say..

    am extremely happy to be part of this lounge.... so many great writers here.. am in a way proud too to be part of The Lounge :)

    A qualified cost accountant holding an MBA degree and busy shaping my career :P and writing random stuffs too..

    Rest I leave t to you to say :)

    Sowmi :) :)

  133. heyy..here comes one more of ur siblings called- Madhu urf Mads..
    am an IT engineer, may b accidentally :) but a blogger by passion..:)
    its my pleasure to know u all..
    am, honored being a member of WL..njoying here being wid u all..nd my writings culd be found @

  134. ...hello fellow WL members esp. to the admin members...

    ...i am speechless, don't know to start, what to say, after reading the bios of all the others...

    am the 139th to post a comment here
    but not exactly the 139th member?

    well, i was into some people's site but can't remember who, then I found this WL... i tried commenting to a post, a monnlight contest entry then my comment could not be accepted coz, am not a legal member here so i tried asking WL Admin if i can join just for the sake that I comment on the posts here that i read.

    immediately WL admin accepted and I was on Cloud 9, but was having second thoughts i might not be able to meet the standards of the lounge.

    i did a first post "Heart vs. Mind" and the more i was disappointed coz nobody appreciated my first attempt.

    Ste suddenly popped up in my space and encouraged me to be active here, hence i made a new post "Rainbow".

    from then on, everybody seems to notice my work and i was inspired fellas...

    about me:
    I am a teacher by profession, i taught three years in a private school immediately after graduation but i started to experience some pain in the throat so i had a career change and worked in a government entity for almost 17 years now...

    i have my own site at: http://intelclub.blogspot.com/(Dreams Are My Reality).

    i will be soon celebrating my first year at blogosphere come the 23rd of next month...

    and to all of you...I am enjoying my stay here at WL coz i am meeting fellow bloggers who also appreciate my works here and in my own site...

    writing has been a part of me since i was in grade school but was not properly honed...

    thanks there's blogging, and i can now give life to my thoughts and emotions...and i am enjoying every bit of it...:)

    Sorry for the kilometric introduction...

    am happy to be part of this intelligent and friendly WL family...:)

  135. hmmmmm it is nice to know about all of you :)
    I m an ordinary 18 years old gal Riya persuing B.com. from Lucknow (The City of Nawabs n I m a Nawaab too :P ) who wants to become an extraordinary gal, wanna make his dad proud on her.
    I am a new blogger joined Blog world 6 months ago on 5th May. I love to write my thoughts, my feelings in my blog "My Mind, My Thoughts, My Feelings(http://ordinarygalblog.blogspot.com/)"
    I love WL so much :)

    Keep Rocking :)

  136. Hi everyone!!! I'm Roshni aka roshwrites :D I'm 12 (guess that makes me the youngest member here).
    I blog at roshwrites:
    And of course, I blog at WL too! This place is sooo cool!
    About Me: I'm usually quite nice!! :)I also love making new friends! Nice knowing everyone here! :D

  137. Woha! This is a BIg post! Ofcourse am talking about comments section! Good Idea! Hello ppl, This is Thoorika here! I have not contributed much but am a regular reader! Made an entry with the help of Ste, Leo and Arjun! :) Based in Chennai. Journalism graduate! I write @ www.thoorika.blogspot.com too! Feel free to visit and make a comment. No entry charges! :D Have a great time guys! Take care all of you!

  138. Hiee all..Urvashi Here..

    Writers lounge...a place I just love love love a lot..I had been to this blog when I staarted blogging some 5 months back...I read the posts here and I discovered that only members could post comments.. I found it strange but I just started following this blog... Then Later when I started writing some articles on my blog , I thought I can now be a part of this family I sent a request to join this blog N the next day-- I got an invitation from Ste to join the WL family..I ws really really happy over it....

    Now I m done with this story of how I came here.....

    Hmmmm About me...

    I am From Mumbai and in my final year B.Com.. I love reading, writing, sleeping and listening music... I love to meet new people and make friends....!! I write some of my thoughts and experiences at http://urner.blogspot.com

    WL is a great place.... Cheers to S-A-S for such a wonderful initiative..!! :)

  139. hi!

    i am shraddha.
    i blog at the self love project.
    i am mom to twin girls.I live in USA.
    I am of indian origin.
    I am punjabi girl marriaed to a south indian.

    WL rocks!

  140. Hi
    This is Kajal aka Cilla. I am a journalist with a leading news channel based out of Mumbai. I love writing. I am a tam bram brought up in Gujarat. I love blogging on anything that catches my fancy :-)

  141. Hi,
    This is Abhrajit
    I work in Bangalore now.
    I am thinking of going to someplace else soon.
    I write and play music.
    I drink. I love to party oooooooo
    I love to go places.
    I love my bike. I am a great host.
    I am random.


  142. Hi,
    This is Abhrajit
    I work in Bangalore now.
    I am thinking of going to someplace else soon.
    I write and play music.
    I drink. I love to party oooooooo
    I love to go places.
    I love my bike. I am a great host.
    I am random.


  143. Hope I am not late ;)

    I am Tan, as all my friends know me. I am from Tripura and presently in Bangalore. I have a lovely wife and not so lovely job. Whenever I am away from my wife, I try to invest my time in writing, which of late is scanty! I joined TWL in Dec 2008 and since then, have met a lot of people here whom I love and respect for the writing. People joining here are lucky to be able to read so much - explicit and wide - in TWL, I have learnt more than I could give - and I am still doing it.

    I write at TWL and Thus Wrote Tan! which is not a bad place to visit too :P
    To know me more, you may visit Thus Spake Tan!
    And, if you know Bangla, you may also like to read me at: Hajabarala

    This is not the first time I am giving my intro here and I am liking it almost every time now :)

  144. Okay... Never formally introduced myself here. Actually I gave up reading WL because I couldn't keep up. And I have probably written about 3 posts in the entire WL history... yeah it's just pathetic.

    Vinisha - 23 yrs old - I can never remember what I write... so I started my blog so I could have my stuff in one place. The fury of thoughts in my mind never stops and I let them fall into place with words. I love them thoughts and words even when my eyes are half asleep.


    Thats where I write.

  145. erm...this is me, Freelancer
    Dang! where was i when this post was doing its job??

    Anyways the name's FL or Freelancer, doing my frigging engg degree in the mother of all hell's...SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY, CHENNAI

    rest...you guys all know bout me...
    yea...i blog at
    abysmally mine and scribblings

  146. god i miss this place...it used to be soooo fun.. :(


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